than when you were unified.

“This is really weird.” Wang Xuan said to himself. In his opinion, there are still not enough true forms. We are currently in a special bottleneck period. Once a quantitative change leads to a qualitative change, it will be extremely violent.
Because, he plans to start from this method to refine more true forms that are not weaker than the main body.
/When he first came to the real land, he fought with the disaster lord continuously. It was not until this moment that he walked far away from the desolate land and everything calmed down. He slightly appreciated the customs, customs and various magnificent sights in this world.
The land of Guizhen is vast, with disaster lords, their descendants, and native creatures. Therefore, there is no shortage of some powerful races, each of which controls the fragments of the real earth, as well as the normal and vibrant universe.
There is no doubt that the mythical civilization here is much more brilliant than the current world. It is many times more magnificent, and the number of single strong men is not the same.
/Wang Xuan sighed, the present world declined because one extraordinary source was extinguished one after another, and finally the creation returned to the real place, supplying blood, so it declined. It was completely a waxing and waning of one, how could it be compared?
Finally arriving at the place where he returned to his true nature, he sighed: “The civilization of ordinary creatures has developed to a certain stage and is also pursuing its true nature. Some scientific researchers will doubt whether the universe they live in is real or virtual, and whether there is an unknown creation program. wait.”
When civilization reaches a certain level, everyone is pursuing the essence and truth of all things, let alone extraordinary beings?
Extraordinary people also have their own doubts, and they are also on the road to seeking truth and solving doubts, pursuing the core and essence of extraordinary.
“Everything is for the sake of returning to the truth.” Wang Xuan understands that the victims of the disaster are still on their way to their pursuits.
Wang Xuan looked at the source of light in the deepest part of his own fog and said: “Sometimes I am very idealistic and believe that I am the only one who is extraordinary and immortal. It is like a bright light, guiding myself forward and spurring myself to forge ahead.”
He knew what it was a long time ago, and now he was walking forward. It was not very far away, and he was about to touch it if he stretched out his hand.
“That is the combination of my thoughts and my own conception of the future path and fruit. It hangs high in front of me. That is my goal, my way forward, in order to return to the truth and move towards the only one. It is like hanging on the other side, always difficult It’s close, but it gives me hope and motivation.”
Then, he looked back. In the opposite direction of the fog, there was endless darkness. When he denied the myth, it was like an abyss, making peop