that he had lost his identity as a person who has returned to his true nature for the second time.

“You idiot, you are uneducated.” Obviously, this was a special performance for the Mechanical Saint. Gouzi started to curse, and he cursed thousands of words in one breath. He never repeated the same thing from beginning to end and couldn’t stop.
Where has the 6-breaking power in No. 3 locality seen such a continuous mechanical monster with “evil words like pearls”? It carries a heavy metal sound, sonorous and powerful, and various not-so-beautiful words are turned into tangible symbols, squeezing the void, and blooming enthusiastically here.
/Not to mention the top management of Local No. 3, the “Familiar Sage” here at Source No. 1 has not heard it blocking other people’s dojos and scolding it in the new era. Now, when I revisit the dog’s voice, I can’t help but feel strange.
Yun Ling, Hun Tian and other Six Breakers from Source No. 2 listened with expressionless faces and watched the show in secret. No. 3’s local power is collectively petrified. I’ve never seen such a true saint before. It’s so bad. How could it survive until now without being beaten to death?
Zheng couldn’t bear it anymore and attacked directly. The two powerful men who had broken through the two great realms could easily grasp the true saint, and instantly covered them with their big hands.
The mechanical dog was very powerful. It originally descended from the sky, with a huge mechanical metal body flowing with frightening holy light. Its head was many times larger than the planet. This was the result of its shrinkage.
But now, in the hands of Zheng Zheng, the second returner, it is as small as an ant and is about to be caught.
“It depends on the owner to beat a dog, so why stretch out your hands randomly?” the first-generation Beast King said, because the mechanical tengu came with him, and they called him “my lord” on the way.
The big hand that covered the galaxy was grabbed by the first-generation Beast King. With a click, Zheng’s entire right arm was torn off and exploded.
The person who returned to his true form for the second time suffered severe pain from his broken arm, and his hair stood on end. Before that, he really didn’t realize that it was the person who returned to his true form for the third time, second only to the True King!
His whole body was filled with chills, his figure collapsed, and the Holy Blood splattered on his arms. He simply couldn’t believe that the white-haired young man with a naive look was so strong.
The first-generation Beast King did not pursue him and threw away his arm calmly. Although he was the honorary deputy leader of the Hot-Blooded Elderly Group, he looked and dressed like a modern young man, with thick eyebrows, big eyes, and a square face.
The top brass of Local No. 3 were suppressed, and even the great demon from the wonders of Guizhen had to remain “cold” and did not say a word.
/Who is not afraid of a master who has returned to his true form three times? This is the candidate for the t