like this. We are satisfied. We have experienced joys and sorrows in this life, and there have been ups and downs, but Looking now, those regrets are no longer regrets. We have no regrets in this life, and our path has reached the end.”

A gray-haired couple spoke out about their choices, their state of mind, and their ways.
Su Tong and Ling Xuan made a final request, to take a photo with Wang Xuan, and time was frozen in this photo.
“Goodbye, my old friend.” Wang Xuan stood up. This was the last time he saw the two of them.
“Goodbye, our best friend.” The two looked into the distance, waved slowly, and whispered softly: “The years are infinite, life is limited, we have lost and gained a lot, and our hearts are infinite. Our figures in different periods are still living in the world. In the infinite years, there are beautiful pictures one after another, at the time, now, and at the end of the road. Old friend, take care, go your way, and find your way. May you stand on the top of mythology.”
“Immortality is not a choice that everyone wants. Ordinary and supreme, everyone has a different path and their own way.” Wang Xuan stepped on the sea of ????stars, walking alone in the cold universe, looking into the deep space The end.
Although he really wants to keep those warmth and beauty, those old friends, and the beautiful scenery of the past, and not let the years take them away, but this is not subject to his will. The torrent of history is surging, and what should be dispersed must be dispersed. go.
In the end, after centuries of impact, what will be left? Perhaps, with endless time intertwined, there is only one old photo in his heart, which engraved all the past. At this moment, Wang Xuan experienced some of the emotions of the mobile phone.
28 years later, a dark umbrella that only extraordinary people could feel expanded and gradually spread, covering the extraordinary central world that had been extremely prosperous and glorious in the past.
Since the Mythical Great Migration, countless extraordinary beings fought for their way out of here and arrived at the old center frozen by the big black umbrella. Calculated by the clock corresponding to the life span of the monk’s soul, a total of 494 years have passed.
Years passed by, and 500 years later, Wang Xuan felt that his Taoism had reached the middle stage of the sixth level of the alien world. In this age of eternal silence, even he felt heavy pressure. After years of practice, he actually felt a little tired.
Ordinary people are unaware of it, but this is the extraordinary winter night that suffocates mythical creatures.
Although there is no black snow falling here, the law is still extinguishing, and there is a black fog flowing, drowning the extraordinary.
/Even if a few of the mythical creatures have stored up strange medicines and have great fortunes, they have lived to this year, but they are coming to an end. Their hibernation means death, because there is no extraordinary source of nourishment here.
Maybe only rare and strange people can still