s, they should have been hit by an arrow just now, and they won’t be able to hold on for long.”

At the same time, the two of them looked up, and saw a warship approaching silently like a dark cloud, appearing in the sky above Su City. On this starless night, it looked so ferocious, giving people a sense of depression and terror.
There is no doubt that this is a powerful shock.
In this era, once the steel jungle-like ship opens fire, it is enough to crush everything!
In the evening, all parties were waiting for news and waiting for the battle to end.
“What, there are battleships floating over Sioux City. What are they going to do? There is a city with a population of tens of millions. They have gone too far!”
“Thunder attacks to show its power. But you can’t break the rules, even if it just flies through the air. What if there is an accident?”
The battleship moved away silently and disappeared at the end of the sky.
At this time, the relevant circles were discussing and could not be quiet, because the results were coming soon, and the big forces who took action had already let the outside world know to end everything!
The extraordinary person lost, this is the current view, and it is difficult to change the ending.
The ancient lamp was dim, the red flames in the wick were intertwined, and the arrow feathers were like rainbow light, sinking into the room.
This time Wang Xuan did not dodge. The spiritual realm and the wonders condensed into one, emerging outside the body, like a big net opening.
/The dark red arrow feathers fell like meteors and disappeared into the strange scenery of the blue sea, becoming silent for an instant.
The man in black, wearing retro clothing, walked among the buildings with an expressionless expression. Extraordinary power was flowing around him. His strength was indeed not weak.
/In an instant, he entered the room.
Wang Xuan punched out, with bright lightning, hitting the man.
The man in black was very calm. The ancient lamp in his hand swayed with a halo, and the flames intertwined and covered him, forming a protective light curtain. At the same time, another arrow flew out.
The lamp is a real treasure. Even after the myth has decayed, it can be passed down to the present, which is enough to show that it is extraordinary and priceless!
In the darkness, thunderbolts fell one after another, all hitting him. The light curtain of the lamp flames successfully blocked it, but the light curtain was also roaring and dimming.
The man in black realized that no matter what, the extraordinary energy of this ancient lamp was constantly being consumed, and eventually there would be a big problem, and the super matter would need to be replenished.
He was also launching an attack. When he raised his hand, the rich fire boiled and wanted to burn everything. But Wang Xuan punched it down, and all the flames were extinguished!
The man in black’s heart sank. The other party was much stronger than him. The ancient lamp’s supermatter was too thin to be effective. He was absolutely no match fo