weasel from Huangxian Cave.

“How is hemp?” Wang Xuan asked proactively.
/“Ma, he is very strong and perverted. Don’t tell me, the disciple he trained, Hong Xiu, may be his descendant according to my research.” The Great Tengu told another piece of gossip.
Wang Xuan was stunned. Is this dog’s words reliable? Back then, he had just teased her casually, saying that she was Brother Ji’s biological daughter, but he knew it was definitely not the case. But how could it possibly come true after getting into this dog’s mouth? He was a little suspicious. Is this bitch talking nonsense?
The mechanical tengu became more serious and said: “Don’t believe it. This is the conclusion that I came to after careful research and careful verification in the new world on the other side. Did you know that Ma was severely injured back then, and he took advantage of the situation? , using the method of approaching death and practicing in a different way. When his confidante first heard the news, he didn’t know the truth. As if he was struck by lightning, he broke into the depths of eternal silence and asked for help.”
/Wang Xuan was startled. He really knew this. When Wu He You and other supreme beings solved the must-kill list, they took advantage of the situation and caught a handful of the true saints of the decaying universe. There was an old woman riding a black goat 20 years ago. Appeared, saying that her young lady rushed outside the myth to ask for help because of hemp.
“Ma’s confidant is fine. In fact, Ma is divided into three parts. One of the bodies also came from outside the myth. Eventually, he and the woman ended up on the other side. They have descendants here. It is reported that three centuries ago, they will My favorite descendant is secretly sent back to our central world.”
Wang Xuan was fascinated by what he heard and said, “Is your news reliable?”
At the same time, since he mentioned myths, he also wanted to ask, who is the old saint burning for when he writes a memorial to the place of eternal silence?
“Of course it’s reliable. I’ve lived here for thousands of years. Why don’t I know? Ma is not alone now. He has a Taoist companion who is more handsome than you. Judging from your age, you are in your prime. But he always goes through wind and rain alone.”
“Old dog, don’t try to prick my heart. Are Hong Xiu really their descendants?” Wang Xuan asked.
“Of course! How can Ma’s most promising descendants be ordinary people? It must be extremely unparalleled, and the time period is consistent. It was sent to our extraordinary central world three centuries ago. Who was taking the lead at that time? Who was the most dazzling, no? Is it Hongxiu? Moreover, she was personally watched by Ma’s most confused body, and she was obviously sent there on purpose.”
This news is a bit explosive. The mobile phone wonders have all been buried and eliminated into the most “unexpected” people. However, the mobile phone brother has been divided. The meaning of its existence is to start exploring again. It is indeed relatively “at a l