telling him that someone was approaching.

Wei Bo came to this area quietly like a ghost. He had doubts in his heart. How could the so-called undefeated true immortal marked with a mark, a prodigy who had won consecutive victories in the giant bronze palace, seem to be near the treasures and rare objects?
Wang Xuan was surprised, this person is here again?
Speaking of which, both parties are in the Creation Garden, and they can be regarded as next-door neighbors. One party is ordering rare items in advance, and the other is collecting them through actions. It can be said that they are half-matched, and both violate the rules of the Creation Garden.
Wang Xuan dodged and came to the entrance of the mountain, waiting for this person to come to the door.
Weibo’s face was as gloomy as water. Why did the person he marked and got the Mad Beast Talisman come here?
Crazy beasts only have instincts. They like to fight with fierce things and will never take the initiative to look for strange objects.
/He left an afterimage and came in. At a glance, he saw the man who was in a bad state. Although his eyes were red, he had not lost all his sanity.
“Are you harming me?” Wang Xuan asked in a hoarse voice. He was not in a hurry to take action. He wanted to chat with him first and “nagging” to understand the situation.
Weibo said to himself: “He has not gone completely crazy. He still retains his own consciousness. It is beyond my expectation. He is indeed a famous true immortal.”
He ignored Wang Xuan, frowned, and was about to enter the mountain.
“Why do you want to harm me? What grudge do you and I have?” Wang Xuan asked.
The silver-haired young man stopped and felt something strange. His spiritual sense was very keen. Could this man really be unaffected by the Crazy Beast Talisman?
“No grudge.” He stood there, looked at Wang Xuan carefully, and said: “I have been to the Bronze Giant Palace and saw you fighting with people in the iron cage. I thought it was interesting. The so-called undefeated true immortal, since It’s famous, wouldn’t it be fun to catch it and put it in the garden as a special beast?”
Wang Xuan’s eyes were burning. Sure enough, there was no big cause and effect with the other party. It was just because the other party saw his cage fight and targeted him like this on a whim.
“Are you being lawless and doing whatever you want? You decide the fate of others entirely based on your personal preferences!” Wang Xuan asked him.
/“Although it was a spur of the moment, you can also understand it that way. You and I met by chance and captured you here. It’s no big deal. The world is very big, and there is no such thing as fairness. The extraordinary world is the law of the jungle, so of course it needs to be covered up. . But between you and me, there is no need to be like this. Do you need me to beautify it? Many of the creatures in the world and the creatures in the sea of ????stars are just stupid dogs, manipulated by others. The so-called undefeated true immortal is just a joke, just It’s that simple. We