head in confusion, and then met Chu Weiyang’s solemn eyes.

They looked at each other silently in a flash of lightning, but Ran Jing could read expectations from this look.
He opened his mouth again, but the nervousness prevented him from saying anything, and he was speechless for a moment.
Chu Weiyang pursed his lips tightly. When the emotion of solemnity and expectation was brewing to the extreme, he opened his mouth and his hoarse voice sounded low.
“Junior brother, senior brother, I am leaving today. In fact, when I just saw you yesterday, I already wanted to tell you these words. I took over the lives of others and survived in this world. Apart from being with you and Master’s friendship is hard to say that he is a disciple of the Lihen Palace, let alone a senior brother or a Taoist disciple. If nothing else is mentioned, the legal system of our lineage will depend on you from now on!”
After saying that, Chu Weiyang patted the young man’s shoulder heavily again, as if he wanted to pass on his strength to Ran Jing in this way.
In an instant, Ran Jing shook his body and felt his arms being stretched out, and most of his body was numb from the shock.
Then that numbness spread to his mind, and when the intense emotion burst out from it, the tip of his nose immediately felt sore, and then he blinked his eyes, but his vision became increasingly hazy and blurred.
“Don’t cry! Our legal lineage and our master’s heroic ambitions all still depend on you!”
When the words fell, Chu Weiyang released his grip on Ran Jing’s arm and turned around, as if he was about to leave, but as soon as he lifted his steps, he suddenly paused again. In place.
The next moment, Chu Weiyang turned around again, looked at Ran Jing who was quite confused, and stretched out his hand towards Ran Jing without any embarrassment.
“I left so suddenly, and I didn’t have any preparations at the moment. Junior brother, do you have many ghost talismans here?”
Hearing Chu Weiyang’s words, Ran Jing took off a Qiankun bag from his waist without hesitation and handed it directly to Chu Weiyang’s hand.
On the spot, Chu Weiyang stuffed it into his arms without even looking at it.
But he still had no intention of leaving.
“Where are the spiritual stones? Do you have many spiritual stones here?”
Without any explanation, another Qiankun bag was handed over.
“Do you have any treasure?”
“What? Are you preparing to prove the treasure of Taoism? I don’t want that!”
“Common alchemy, as well as precious materials suitable for our Yinming ghost evil way, forget it, precious medicines are also included!”
“I really have never lacked this before. I just remembered it when I was leaving. Forget it, just give me these leftovers. You won’t be short of this when you go back.”
At the end of the conversation, when Ran Jing’s face clearly showed a look of embarrassment, Chu Weiyang patted him heavily on the shoulder again.
/“We are close brothers. I won’t say any polite words. Let’s say goodbye. I hope that in the future we can walk through mountains and l