and his momentum was strong. He was also severely injured, but his fighting spirit was high, and his strength was even higher than when he fought with Heng Cheng!

This is because he uses his race’s natural abilities to visualize the future and actually draw in some of the mysterious power.
Of course, some people believe that this is not the power of the future, but a special power given to the clan by the sea of ??stars.
This kind of thing is full of evil and terror!
“Brother Zhongxiao, let me fight him!” The rugged man Jin Ming’s eyes were red and he was about to end. He wanted to replace Zhongxiao from the Black Peacock clan in the battle, but he couldn’t bear to witness it.
Jin Ming’s real body is Jin Chan. He was taken to the Black Peacock Sacred Mountain since he was a child and was raised by the clan. He has long regarded this place as his home and has a sworn relationship with Zhong Xiao, who he regards as his elder brother.
He couldn’t bear it anymore.
“No need!” Black Peacock Zhongxiao said, fighting to the death.
“Poof!” Zhong Xiao grabbed a piece of Yuan Sheng’s scalp, and almost left several finger holes in his skull.
/This battle was indeed terrifying and extremely bloody. Both sides had broken bones, and some bone fragments were separated from the body and flew out. Both of them suffered heavy injuries.
In the end, they both suffered losses, and each was grabbed out of the arena by the elders of the clan. They could not continue fighting, otherwise they would both die here.
/Wang Xuan was moved. He had already stood up. Seeing the ending like this, he was also very touched. These two people were indeed very strong and almost died together.
“Who will fight with me?” The six-eyed golden cicada came off the stage. Seeing Zhongxiao in such a miserable state, with his wings broken and his chest cut open, his eyes were red and he couldn’t help but want to kill the murderous ape.
“Have you got sand in your eyes? Why are you so excited? Under the vast starry sky, in the magnificent historical years, generation after generation, in order to continue the race and keep civilization alive, died in hundreds of battles, with broken bodies, it is just ordinary At the end of an era, following the extraordinary migration, in the process of the struggle, the entire clan was wiped out, and it was just an insignificant small wave in the magnificent picture of the universe.”
Qing Cang, the great elder of the Black Peacock Clan, scolded and told Jin Ming that in the sea of ????resplendent stars, such a little blood and injuries are nothing. If you have not received the baptism of blood and bones, you will have no future at all.
Wang Xuan’s heart was not at peace. He thought a lot. The Gibbons Ape Clan challenged various religions, and the Black Peacock Holy Mountain fought happily. They were just training disciples. The descendants who have not seen blood will probably survive when the wind blows in the future of the universe. Not coming down.
Jin Ming nodded and adjusted his mood, but finally gave up. He said