Xu Ying breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and thought to himself: “Finally, there’s a trick he didn’t figure out!”
He was frightened for a while, and he was a little confused: “The strong man who plotted against me can’t possibly only have this ability, right?”
At the same time, in the Palace of the East Prince of Xianting, a graceful and noble man suddenly stood up with a look of surprise and uncertainty.
“There is something on Xu Ying that I miscalculated!”
Xu Ying was about to transform Lan Chengye directly, but suddenly Lan Chengye shouted: “Wait a minute! Xu Tianzun, my master wants to see you! My master is the Prince of Xianting, His Highness Dongwang!”
“Prince of the Immortal Courtyard, His Highness the East King? Isn’t he that old monster who plotted against me and the Dao Ancestor and the Demon Ancestor?”
Xu Ying was stunned, walked away from Taiyi Shenqiao, and asked doubtfully, “Your Highness, the East King, was once a disciple of the Shangqing Taoist Sect, with the name Qingxuan?”
Lan Chengye got up and said, “What Qingxuan? His Highness the East King, of course he is the Supreme Prince! Prepare to greet him!”
Xu Ying’s expression was gloomy and uncertain. He originally thought that His Highness Dong Wang was the one who plotted against him in trying to seize the Taiyi Cave Abyss with his hands, but he didn’t expect it to be the case.
His Highness Dongwang’s divine calculations are already extremely powerful. Only the Taiyi Divine Bridge that I have just comprehended can escape his calculations. If I use other tricks, I will be beaten!
He is not the one who plotted against him. Could it be that besides him, there is a divine calculator in the Immortal Court?
This divine calculation is extremely hidden. As early as 600,000 years ago, he dared to calculate the heaven and earth souls of Taiqing Daozu, Xuhuang Daojun and others. Even Demon Ancestor, Ziwei Empress and others were also included in his calculations. !
This person is the mysterious being who is trying to obtain Taiyi Cave Abyss through the hand of Xu Ying.
“Empress Ziwei helped me deceive him so that he wouldn’t guess that I had comprehended the Taiyi Cave Abyss, but I’m afraid I can’t hide other things from him,” Xu Ying thought to himself.
In the sky, a large-scale stream of light suddenly shone through the crack between the ancestral court and the fairy world. The light shone in front of the Palace of the Gods. A powerful being was trying to follow this stream of light and descend from the fairy world.
/Nowadays, the influence of the tides of the three realms is getting bigger and bigger, the cracks between the two realms in the sky are getting bigger and bigger, and the communication between the immortal and mortal realms is becoming more and more convenient.
/However, Dongwang’s strength was too strong. When he passed through the cracks between the two realms, the space was turbulent, thunder and fire rolled, and other cracks around him were squeezed and closed!
In the stream of light, a ta