knew a lot of secrets, and said: “It’s just a preliminary process of giving birth to some ‘natural principles’ in the body, and using this to start the journey, there is a long way from the true imperial transformation. However, if it can start to accumulate in the stage of becoming an immortal, it will naturally be far away.” Better than his peers, he may be able to be a royal master in the future, it’s not too far-fetched!”

“Then what are you waiting for, that woman, come on, let’s decide life or death with one move!” Wang Xuan said, and quickly added: “I, Qin Cheng, became an immortal in less than fifteen days!”
After becoming an immortal, can you initially embark on the path of imperial transformation? Wang Xuan’s heart was on fire. Such a secret book must not be missed.
The quiet woman came over. She was tall, with long dark green hair and a delicate face. She looked elegant and gentle.
“I will not be limited to one move, just a normal duel.” The woman spoke, with fair complexion, clear eyes, and fairy light flowing around her body.
“Mo Han, follow your own pace.” Liu Guang, with flowing silver hair, spoke up. He was very optimistic about her and treated her very gently, treating her as a close sister.
Some people understand that this Mo Han is probably very extraordinary. Either she has an amazing background, or she has something extremely extraordinary about her.
“Okay, I’ll let you use your various spells and supernatural powers,” Wang Xuan muttered.
“One weapon can defeat all magic!” Hong Teng shouted on his behalf.
“I will break it with my strength!” Wang Xuan said himself.
Even people on his side want to ask, didn’t you say that you are not good at close attacks and now you want to change your style?
Wang Xuan swayed the Immortal Fallen Bow and tried twelve Immortal Fallen Arrows. In the field of emergence, this was a great weapon.
But in the end, he shouldered it and did not use this set of weapons. He decided to defeat the enemy with one force. The moment the opponent rose into the sky, he also activated it.
As he waved his hand, a piece of Thunder Fire Fairy Sword flew out, and there was lightning and thunder in the void. He was not prepared to fight in close quarters, nor did he use complicated spells.
There is only a simple and crude fixed pattern, the song of Ten Thousand Immortals Crossing the Tribulation combined with the monotonous sword light, repeated one after another, endlessly.
He used his strength to break it, or rather, he wanted to use his endless mana to pile the enemy to death.
Since everyone thinks that he is a genius who has broken the limit three times, then he can naturally unlock some perverted methods, so as to live up to his reputation as a genius.
/What is the current thunder and fire? It’s the red substance, golden substance, etc. in his body. Those extraordinary factors are as violent as thunder and fire, extremely domineering, and can be poured out in an endless stream.
He has been in this universe for four years, and he understands very clearly that various