f Yanque’s trump cards.

After all, he was not welcomed at home. After he left, he wandered alone without any overly impressive treasures.
“Everyone, this is an elegant place. The wind, flowers, snow, moon, and boundless beauty are only for people to enjoy, not for destruction. Please stop.” Yan Xue dissuaded her. As one of the people in charge of this place, she didn’t want to see it the most. to such a thing.
“It’s okay, the kid is just throwing a tantrum, I will take care of him.” Yuan Hong waved his hand, his short blond hair shining brightly.
The runes on his casual clothes also lit up, and he looked like a modern young man, but for just a moment, his whole person was dazzling and stunning, with golden light all over his body, as if he was wearing divine armor, and he was very powerful.
He is a creature that has broken the limit more than once, and since he is close to the late stage of True Immortal, he is undoubtedly equivalent to a heaven-level master at this time.
Yanque couldn’t bear Yuan Hong’s contempt and behavior, and Qi Miao, An Hong, Chengtian and others showed anger and followed him forward.
Wang Xuan also felt that this Yuan Hong was too much of a bully. He flattered Yanque because of his high moral character and regarded him as the cowardly young man he used to be.
/“I want to ride on the necks of the sparrows and kill them!” Hong Teng said coldly, and the hazy figure of a huge black vicious bird appeared behind him, and he opened his cold eyes.
“Senior brother, what are you doing? Stop.” Liu Guang said, with an unhappy look on his face, standing in the wind and snow, her long silver hair fluttering, her long skirt looking bright and fairy-like.
“Oh, haha, it’s nothing. Doesn’t this mean that you are disrespected by them? Back then, you were just a follower and a little house bird. Today, he actually talks coldly to you. At the same time, he also dares to talk to me in a rough voice. I think Educate him.”
Yuan Hong said, but he still calmed down, the golden runes gushing from his pores disappeared, and he returned to a smile on his face.
He ignored Yanque again, walked up to Liu Guang, and said enthusiastically, “Junior sister, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Are you okay? Master misses you very much. It’s time to go back and see you.”
“It’s really disgusting. He is trying to pry into the broken corner of Yanque.” A look of disgust appeared on Hong Teng’s dark face. He was very rigid regardless of time and place. I couldn’t stand it. Just expose those people’s hypocrisy.
Yuan Hong turned his head and looked at him. The dark-faced young man’s words were too unpleasant to listen to.
Liu Guang is youthful and beautiful, but now her complexion has turned dark. What kind of nonsense is that? It’s just about trying to steal a corner, why are you adding so many words?
Chaffinch was also hurt.
“Black boy, if you don’t know how to speak, just shut up.” Yuan Hong looked over indifferently, then smiled and said: “Junior sister, come back and leave with me. There is a fortune waiting for u