y people’s. In theory, it is difficult for outsiders to open it.”

However, that person was more skilled than him and didn’t make too much noise, almost making him unconscious.
The most important thing is that until now, Wang Xuan himself cannot open it anytime and anywhere, but that person can!
“Does he know this kind of special interior location very well? Has he been exposed to it, experienced it, or even owned it?!” When he thought of this, Wang Xuan’s hair stood up.
/It has to be said that, based on the empty time inside the scene, his thoughts became clearer and clearer. He thought of many things, his thoughts were divergent, and he had various ideas.
He remained silent, thinking carefully, conjecturing and evaluating seriously. This matter was very terrifying. This enemy was more dangerous than before!
When he thought about the worst possibility, a chill ran down his back. Since this person was more familiar with the special location than he was, if he insisted on targeting him, it might make him collapse.
Whether it is considered from the perspective of terrifying strength or from the future relationship with the peerless masters, it is obvious that this person is more valuable!
/“This may be the biggest crisis I’ve ever encountered. If it doesn’t work well, the ship will capsize and I’ll be replaced by someone else!”
Wang Xuan felt a sense of crisis. Thinking about this person’s background and looking at the various possibilities that followed, he had to be very careful and be prepared.
“The attack tonight reminded me that my optimistic situation has completely changed. The fog was blown away, and it turned out that I was standing in front of the terrifying beast in the night!”
If it were other extraordinary beings, they would probably die in a mysterious way today. It would be difficult to extract the truly valuable information, and it would be impossible to see the terrifying “footprints” left by that person in the black mist.
“From now on, I have to rely on myself. Even if I have a good relationship with a peerless master, he may not be on my side in the future!” Wang Xuan sighed.
A huge crisis lies ahead, and he must deal with it seriously.
“Who is that pair of men and women? They are so strong that they actually drove away the shadow. However, in the end, those two people still couldn’t do their best and couldn’t kill that person.”
In the following time, he began to practice, read scriptures, and studied cutting-edge theories of mythology, including the method of breaking through the realm of ten-stage creatures obtained from the mechanical bird.
The shadow of death is approaching and a huge crisis is approaching. What can he do to save himself? Don’t look to others, look within yourself!
Wang Xuan sat cross-legged, with a piece of golden text appearing in front of his eyes. He was studying the Golden Cicada Technique, which was a life-changing method that old man Zhong Yong had practiced hard.
“Lao Zhong, Zhong Cheng, and Zhong Qing have been in the deep space of the universe for a long