ll look on her face. She also retreated to the end. There was a big bell and a big snake above his head.

The purple-clothed girl blinked her eyes. Previously, the snake demon and the big bell were clearly following the master of the Penglai Pavilion. Everyone thought they were the magic weapons of the Penglai Pavilion. They didn’t expect them to change their tune so quickly.
Behind Palace Master Zhang Fugui, there were others.
The purple-clothed girl looked intently. The girl hiding far away was Shi Yuqing, the master of the Jianmen Sect. The other person was Emeiyan Headmaster Yankongcheng, and a middle-aged man with a dead face.
“Do they also have the same purpose as our Sun Moon Divine Sect? I should ask them for advice.” The girl in purple thought to herself.
Everyone came to the bridge and looked at Yu Jing from a distance, each frowning. The Divine Bridge is cut off here for some reason, making it impossible to go to Yujing. Even if there is immortality in Yujing City, it will naturally not be obtained if you can’t go there.
Suddenly, the void at the end of the Divine Bridge was slightly turbulent, and a ray of fairy light came from nowhere, shining towards this side and connecting to the Divine Bridge!
The end of the divine bridge was cut off and was not connected to Yujing City in the fairy light. At this time, the fairy light was actually connected to the divine bridge, allowing the divine bridge to extend.
/However, this extended fairy light bridge does not lead to Yujing, but to another vague and unknown place!
Xu Ying was agitated: “Weiyang has contacted the martial arts emperor. It’s not easy.”
This martial arts legend who was born in the world of Taibei is about to return from the other side of martial arts, which makes him look forward to it with great anticipation.
Lin Pavilion Master of Penglai Pavilion was surprised and happy. He rushed forward, jumped onto the fairy light bridge, and said with a smile: “Here is the fate of immortality!”
Others also jumped up one after another, landed on the Immortal Light Bridge, and ran towards the end of the bridge.
When everyone on the bridge heard this, some sneered and some became furious.
The master of Penglai Pavilion Lin said flatly: “That’s right! You are hiding evil intentions at a young age, and the world will not tolerate you!”
/“After we go back, we will abolish the Nuo law in the world and promote the righteous way of refining qi! We will kill all the evil heretics like you and leave no one behind, so as not to harm future generations!”
Xu Ying frowned and was about to speak when suddenly a tall figure walked towards the end of the sacred bridge, causing the sacred bridge under their feet to sway slightly.
Yuan Weiyang’s voice came: “Ah Ying, there are too many people on the bridge, I can’t hold on for long.”
Xu Ying took a long breath and suddenly said: “Everyone, I’m offended!”
He moved and came to the Pavilion Master Lin of Penglai Pavilion. Pavilion Master Lin roared loudly and shouted: “Well done! Take down the black-faced boy fi