icro airship. Ah, it can fly two people, no need for weapons.” He contacted the mechanical bear.

“Aren’t you a scoundrel?” Zhao Qinghan rolled his eyes at him. His physical strength was quite good and he didn’t feel tired after walking around this small town. Then he asked: “Uncle Wang, are you also a practitioner?”
“He is just an ordinary person, why would you ask that?” Wang Xuan was surprised. The mini airship was coming, and he asked Zhao Qinghan to board it, preparing to take her to see the mountain scenery outside the city.
“My dad came here this time just to have a detailed chat with him about investing in a project related to extraordinary blood, which can complement the life science research institute I reorganized.”
“Old Wang deceived Old Zhao?!” Wang Xuan was shocked.
“What are you talking about?” Zhao Qinghan punched him and said, “Uncle Wang once saw some records in an ancient book, which were the research results of an ancient civilization laboratory. He talked to my dad last time in Xinxing. , my dad is very interested and wants to know more deeply this time and discuss it in detail.”
A few days later, Zhao Zejun acted resolutely and invested in a laboratory in the field of life in the old land. It was very low-key and there was no news, but the investment was huge.
“Wang Xuan, you’re back, but you haven’t contacted us!” Qin Cheng rushed to Yuncheng and immediately shut up when he saw Zhao Qinghan.
Then, Chen Yongjie, Qingmu, Mo Si, Huang Ming and others came to see him. At this point, many people knew that Wang Xuan was back.
Two months later, Wang Xuan’s mother was very satisfied. She felt that her son was normal. He was no longer in boring retreat or blindly running into the depths of the universe. He was now calm and energetic, the same as before.
During this period, Zhao Qinghan came to the old land many times, participated in the new laboratory project, and brought over some of his team.
/Half a year later, Jiang Yun asked Wang Xuan if it was time to think about personal issues. Seeing that he and Zhao Qinghan had a close relationship and met frequently, she couldn’t help but press the question.
“Cherish this world, cherish the people around you, take a desperate leap, strive to find the extraordinary, and enter a new world. I think that is just one of the directions. It has been mentioned in some miscellaneous books that the true path to the extraordinary may be in reality. , among all living beings, maybe the old man selling chaos on the roadside is a person who is taking this path.”
Wang Xuan was speechless. He had been “beaten” all the time in the past six months. Jiang Yun was afraid that he would run away without saying a word again, so she spared no effort to kill his “Taoist heart”.
/Just when he was about to tell the difference, his father Wang Zesheng would hit him twice, saying that his Taoist heart was so worthless that anyone could pull it out, and it was too cheap.
Wang Xuan also visited Lao Zhao’s laboratory. He felt that the research results left by the civilization w