lly now, that small flag as big as a palm can block the Pond of Rebirth without fear of being swallowed? What was that? He thought of those mass murder weapons recorded in history books.

In an instant, he guessed that it was the God-Slaying Flag that was lost in ancient times.
Zheng Wu’s soul was cut into pieces. At the critical moment, nine golden symbols fell and merged with his soul to protect him from death.
This was in vain. The mark inscribed by the peerless powerhouse had already dimmed after passing through the curtain. It was difficult to stop the spread of the golden texture of the God-Slaying Flag, instantly turning Zheng Wu’s soul into hundreds of small fragments.
“Huh?!” Wang Xuan’s mind moved, and he held back the God-Slaying Flag slightly. The hundreds of pieces of the soul did not explode and remained in their original state for the time being.
He walked forward, staring with his spiritual eye, staring at these fragments of the soul, as if reading one scripture after another, one practice manual after another!
/Zheng Wu’s soul was dismembered by him, and now it is neither alive nor dead, and is in a special state.
Wang Xuan looked at his memory and checked his past. He ignored all trivial matters and useless fragments of his soul. He was looking for things related to practice.
For a time, the entire land was peaceful, shrouded in mist, and became extremely sacred.
The Rebirth Pond tried several times, but was unable to swallow the soul fragments of Wang Xuan and Zheng Wu. It was blocked by the God-Slaying Flag and became completely silent.
I don’t know how much time has passed, but in the world of life, it seems like years have passed by in a hurry, mainly because Wang Xuan’s mental activities are too intense now.
After reading and sighing, Wang Xuan felt that he had gone through Zheng Wu’s spiritual practice. Such an experience was priceless!
Regarding cultivation, among the fragments of the soul, it was like stars twinkling all over the sky. Wang Xuan analyzed it and silently memorized it.
Among them are “Yuan Tian Jing” and “Immortal Fetus”, which are extremely precious and belong to the secrets of immortality. “Yuan Tian Jing” is a scripture written by Zheng Yuantian, a peerless powerhouse.
The origin of “Fairy Fetus” is more ancient and cannot be verified. It is also called “Demon Fetus”. Judging from the evaluation of it by immortals, its power is no worse than that of the supreme scriptures.
It is too vicious and has been criticized by others and considered defective. Those who practice it will sooner or later be punished by God, so it is not classified as a supreme sutra.
The scriptures are nothing, because Wang Xuan himself has the supreme scriptures and there is no shortage of classics.
What is truly precious are those experiences of cultivation and those insights. Some famous and powerful people taught Zheng Wu. They are all words of experience, and there are even Zheng Yuantian’s handwritten notes.
“Priceless treasure, I will slowly verify it in the future!” Wang Xuan felt