e the opponent into its mouth.

Wang Xuan looked speechless. What’s the point of opening his mouth so wide? With a wave of his hand, he pulled out one of Qin Cheng’s shoes from the bar and threw it into its mouth at the speed of light.
Biwan became furious, and the cross characters in its eyes were frightening. It roared loudly, but only Wang Xuan could hear it in the whole city.
It vibrated its sharp claws and pointed them forward, but no rune beam that could tear the sky appeared, only super matter leaked out.
/Even it itself is speechless, all its magical powers are as useless as a mirror, a flower in the water, a moon in the water!
“The prophecy has come true, and the extraordinary world has really collapsed?!” Biwan lost consciousness for a while, feeling that all his thoughts were lost.
“Can we talk?” Wang Xuan looked at it. This beast should be a mythical creature raised by a “zoller-like spirit”, but it was in a weird state.
“Okay.” Bian nodded and sat down on the street in the heavy rain.
Wang Xuan walked over and asked, “Who were those people wearing space suits just now?”
“The remaining remnants, the surviving losers.” Bi Yan said.
Wang Xuan was dumbfounded. Those people were following the path of science and technology, could fight against innate gods and demons, and capture mythical creatures as mounts, but they were actually the remaining losers?
“Be specific.”
“Back then, they were indeed very powerful. Did they know where they died?” Biwan asked.
/“Yes, I have seen and contacted him.” Wang Xuan nodded.
“It’s amazing, have you ever been in contact with the Dead Land?” Bi’an was moved, and then sighed: “Those people are outsiders, using the Dead Land as a passage, and the result is”
A dazzling red light bloomed, covering the sky and the earth, and the rain curtain over the city was reflected in a bright red. Biwan viciously waved its big claws and smashed towards Wang Xuan sitting next to it.
“You ferocious beast has no martial ethics.”
A curtain of light rose up outside Wang Xuan’s body, and the ancient lamp floated and shed light, protecting him within it.
With a bang, Bi Yan did not use any magical power, but the pure condensation of super matter and spirit. This is the extraordinary power that can still be used at present.
I have to say that it is really strong. When a claw fell, the light curtain formed by the smashed ancient lamp shook violently and made a clicking sound.
Wang Xuan was moved, surprised by the supernatural power of this mythical creature, but also regretful that after the extraordinary rules disappeared, the power of the ancient lantern was not as good as before.
This is a monster close to the Xiaoyaoyou level. Although it is a little special and cannot be seen by others, it is still a creature in the spiritual realm!
At this time, Wang Xuan activated the ancient lamp and shot out dark red arrow feathers one after another, hitting the Biuan body. It was much more powerful than the ordinary spiritual body.
Although it was punched through the red tiger bo