erable and humiliating. Is there any person who has become more miserable than him?

Corning City is calm, but the outside world is full of noise, causing huge waves.
Even if the Sun family wanted to hide it, they couldn’t. Through questioning from all sides, and some people’s deductions and revelations, many truths were revealed.
There was a gathering of extraordinary beings in Yuanchi Mountain. The Sun family wanted to gather together and attacked with warships, killing everyone, but they ended up stirring up a hornet’s nest.
Naturally, Grant from the Argonne Consortium revealed the truth. He was devastated and often told people that he would hear Christine crying in his dreams and died miserably.
“There is a transcendent person seeking revenge on the Sun family, but it is not Wang Xuan.”
/“Where’s the Sword Immortal? Did he die in Yuanchi Mountain? He was killed by the Sun family’s warship!”
For many days, the Yuanchi Mountain incident continued to ferment. Some people were paying attention to how strong the blood shadow was, some were speculating on the origin of the robot, and some were talking about Wang Xuan’s life and death.
“Could Wang Xuan really be killed by the Sun family?” An acquaintance was worried.
For many days in a row, Wang Xuan was nowhere to be seen. There was no information about him, and even Zhong Cheng, Zhou Yun and others felt heavy in their hearts.
Professor Lin and Qin Cheng kept calling various parties, trying to find Wang Xuan, worried that something might happen to him.
“Did something really happen to Wang Xuan?” Even Guan Lin frowned.
Lao Chen shook his head and was very confident. He didn’t think he would die at all, but he still said: “If this kid’s life is short and there is an accident, then my son will be called Chen Xuan from now on.”
Two months passed in a flash, but Wang Xuan never showed up. Many acquaintances felt unsure, and others even felt that the Sword Immortal was dead!
Wang Xuan was dormant in the mountains and forests. He felt that he would not be disturbed by others, and there would be no supervision by the chaebol. This kind of practice was very pure. It was rare to get rid of the eyes of the Sun family and others, and he was practicing quietly.
During these days, he was mainly studying the golden bamboo slips and meditating on this supreme scripture, all in order to determine the path!
In addition, he is also slowly refining the God-Slaying Flag. This thing is too terrifying, so he can only use time to get through it and touch it cautiously.
/In the two months since Wang Xuan disappeared, many changes have taken place in the outside world. Discussions about extraordinary beings are no longer uncommon, and some people even mentioned various legends about immortals.
Some high-ranking figures in the chaebol have been greatly affected, because unusual things happen at home, such as ancient artifacts resurrecting, and someone else is dreaming!
The extraordinary is approaching reality, and myth seems to be returning.
The family that claims to be orthodox