llow me back to the Imperial Capital.”

The leader of the Tao Alliance said: “I don’t dare to stop him.”
Yuan Weiyang looked at Xu Ying, who nodded lightly.
Yuan Weiyang immediately boarded the chariot, and Di Chen was not in a hurry to leave. He seemed to say calmly: “The purpose of the Dao Alliance is to open up the Sea of ??Chaos and prove the truth of the Dao. Brother Dao, the ambition of the Dao Alliance is too great. If the Sea of ??Chaos is destroyed by you, Once it’s opened up, where do the others live?”
The leader of the Tao Alliance looked solemn and said: “Living in the supreme universe created by the sea of ??chaos.”
Di Chen smiled and said: “So how do the countless creatures in the infinite universe in the sea of ??chaos get along with themselves?”
The leader of the Tao Alliance smiled and said: “I will die if I hear the Tao in the morning.”
Di Chen smiled slightly, bowed and said, “Farewell.”
/The leader of the Taoist Alliance smiled and said: “I won’t send it away.”
The emperor’s chariot slowly drove away. Suddenly, Di Chen opened the window, revealed half of his face, and said with a smile: “I have heard for a long time that brother Taoism is unparalleled, but my foolish brother has never understood it. Can you give me a lesson?”
The leader of the Tao Alliance said happily: “Why not? When and where?”
Di Chen walked out of the car and said, “It’s better to do it here and now.”
The two stood tall and proud. Di Chen’s momentum became stronger and stronger, and his body became more majestic. Opposite him, the Dao leader’s figure remained the same as usual. There was no trace of Dao power around him, and he looked as peaceful as an ordinary person.
Suddenly, nine innate rays formed around Di Chen, opening up the chaos, like an external ancient universe!
This is the power of the Nine Paths of Evidence, but it is not the Nine Paths of Evidence of the Tao Alliance, but the Nine Paths of Evidence that can only be achieved by cultivating the nine innate avenues to the extreme through the Hunyuan Buer Dharma Sect!
The perfect state that countless people in the Dao League dreamed of was now displayed in Di Chen.
At this moment, Di Chen is almost at the beginning of the Dao. He is more powerful than when he just obtained the power of the Hunyuan Dao Tianxi, and his Dao method is more perfect!
He turned his hands into claws and grabbed the Taoist leader!
The energy of chaos from hundreds of millions of miles behind him mobilized for him, and an airspace formed behind him in an instant. The energy of chaos exploded in an instant, turning into the energy of the nine innate paths, hidden in his grasp!
His palm is turned upside down, covering the past and future, the reincarnation of cause and effect, inheriting disasters, containing killing, and the unity of Taiyi, the vastness of Wuji, and the vitality of Hongmeng!
When Hun Tunsheng saw this, he couldn’t help but turn pale. Di Chen’s magical power showed a power that he could never show, allowing him to see how desperate the gap between himself an