have such amazing visions, wherever the sword light touches, it is full of fierceness. Even if it is head-to-head with Changsun Shenghai, it is not weak at all!

What Changsun Shenghai used was the original magical power created by the existences of the Yuanshi Dao realm in the past generations of the universe cemetery. It was superb, the magical power was unpredictable, and the power was extremely powerful. Taoist Tongtian’s swordsmanship turned into brilliant sword lights, criss-crossing each other, and he always faced difficulties and broke through Yuanshi’s magical power.
Xu Ying stood in the distance and watched the battle for a moment, then withdrew his gaze and walked towards True Lord Daoji.
When Zhenjun Daoji saw him, he stood up to greet him and said in surprise: “Fellow Daoist Xu, why don’t you reach out to help?”
/“I alone cannot withstand the calamity of this Chaos Sea. It’s okay to let them go through it.”
Xu Ying looked kind and said to True Lord Daoji, “In addition, I defeated the Great Heavenly Lord Xuanyuan, and I am already a Great Heavenly Lord.”
Zhenjun Daoji hesitated for a moment and said, “I have met Xu Da Tianzun.”
/Xu Ying chuckled and said, “We are all old friends, why should we be so polite? From now on, my Taoist friends should just call me Taoist brother. Great Heavenly Lord, I am really out of touch with this.”
Zhenjun Daoji thought for a while and realized that he really couldn’t defeat him, so he said: “Brother Dao asked me to wait here. I don’t know why?”
Xu Ying asked, “Have your Taoist friends’ cultivation and conduct in Nirvana increased inexplicably these days?”
True Monarch Daoji came for this matter, and said: “It is indeed true. Although I have achieved the end of the path of annihilation, it has become more and more difficult to progress since then. It’s just that my cultivation has been improving faster and faster recently. My understanding is getting deeper and deeper. Even”
He hesitated and said: “I even have a feeling that I can’t control the Avenue of Nirvana, but that I will be controlled by the Avenue of Nirvana!”
This is extremely scary!
People who practice the Great Way of Nirvana will often be assimilated by the Great Way of Nirvana after they practice to a high level and become a puppet of Nirvana who only knows how to destroy everything.
However, after cultivating to the Dao Master realm and becoming the master of the Dao, you can conquer the Dao of Nirvana without risking yourself.
This is even more true at the end of the Avenue of Nirvana. It’s just that it’s very difficult to practice the path of annihilation. Throughout the history of the Chaos Sea, there are only a handful of people who have mastered the path of annihilation.
True Lord Daoji has cultivated the Way of Nirvana, so it is logical that he can no longer be affected by the Great Way of Nirvana. His Taoist heart is pure and flawless, and he can only master the Great Way of Nirvana, and will never be controlled by the Great Way of Nirvana.
“It’s true. It’s just as I expected.”
Xu Yin