stared at this young man. Changsun Shenghai was unfazed by favors and humiliations, neither humble nor arrogant, and greeted them one by one.

Although the Cosmic Cemetery is the most filthy place in the Sea of ??Chaos and the place with the most calamity, it is only when you get inside that you find a different world.
The existence of the Yuanshi Realm uses the Yuanshi Dao Qi that countless people dream of to create a vibrant world here, with birds singing and flowers fragrant everywhere, and fairy mountains and blessed places everywhere.
Their great ways are unbelievable. Even if Changsun Shenghai is already at the pinnacle of the Tao Master Realm, looking at their great ways, one can only feel the mountains rising.
Not long after, he finally saw the Dao Emperor.
Tao Emperor is not a name of a person, nor a Tao title, but the honorific title given by others to his Taoism, which means that he is the Emperor of the Tao, the existence closest to the truth of the Tao.
One can imagine how powerful he is.
The Dao Emperor has not yet woken up, but while he is waking up, his body is vast and sitting in the Dao light, he is still a stone statue.
But at this moment, the stone statue is slowly transforming from stone into the body of the avenue.
/Changsun Shenghai looked at the Dao Emperor and saw that the process of the Dao awakening in his body was like the Dao coming into existence out of nothing, or dying and then resurrecting!
The visions radiated from his avenue even formed behind him a strange landscape of the universe gradually recovering from its state of death and death!
When he fell into silence, it was like the sea of ??chaos was extinguished. When he woke up, it was like the sea of ??chaos was also exuding vitality!
When Changsun Shenghai saw this scene, he was suddenly stunned. Like a wood carving and clay sculpture, he suddenly understood the ultimate mystery of the nine evidence-based methods!
He even jumped out of the Nine Paths of Evidence and realized the mystery of creating something out of nothing and opening up chaos!
In his body, the nine innate paths were violently rotating, the light was transpiring, and suddenly there was a loud sound, forming a brilliant avenue under his feet, paving into the distance!
Changsun Shenghai walked on this road to the end of the road. Along the way, his understanding became higher and higher and more profound!
This meeting with the Dao Emperor touched him so much that it actually made him realize the mystery at the end of the avenue!
After a long time, Changsun Shenghai woke up from a dream. Then he remembered that he was here to see the Tao Emperor, and he hurriedly stepped forward.
At this time, he felt something and looked back, only to see another version of himself standing behind him.
That is his brand, everlasting and everlasting at the end of the road!
Changsun Shenghai was stunned: “Have I reached the end of the road?”
He just felt unbelievable.
/By watching the process of the Dao Emperor’s awakening, can he break through and achieve the end o