and right, and said a little worriedly, “Don’t get drunk. What should I do later?”

Bai Hui understood somewhat. Actually, her cousin was still in a bad mood and wanted to get drunk. However, the person she met was Liu Changan, so she had to call her over to avoid having no one to take care of her when she was drunk.
/Bai Hui doesn’t think what Liu Changan will do to his drunk cousin, but Liu Changan can sometimes make people feel safe, but sometimes he does things that are a bit weird and unpredictable. When you are drunk, you don’t know what’s going on, so you’d better find someone. Feel free to have relatives take care of you.
But maybe, if he hadn’t come, a sexy and mature young woman like my cousin would still be very attractive to a boy like Liu Changan. Would he take advantage of her? Bai Hui thought for a while, and all that came to mind were the plots in romance novels where the heroine got drunk and had sex with the hero. She couldn’t help but feel slightly hot. She quickly drank a glass of beer and felt her cheeks getting even hotter.
“Don’t be drunk.” Zhongqing finished drinking a bottle of wine, her eyes were a little hazy, and the light and shadow in her pupils were blurred under the lights on the riverside. She said to Bai Hui, “But if you want to give Liu Changan a chance, you can Drink more.”
“Cousin, you’ve already started talking drunken words!” Bai Hui scolded nervously, while looking at Liu Changan.
Liu Changan was concentrating on eating crayfish and seemed to be turning a deaf ear to the conversation between Bai Hui and Zhong Qing.
He must have heard it, Bai Hui thought, there were three people at the same table, and the cousin spoke so loudly, how could he not hear it?
That was fine, to avoid embarrassment, but Bai Hui felt that he should look at her, no matter what expression or eyes he used.
Liu Changan is still very annoying.
Zhongqing opened another bottle and did not ask Liu Changan to blow it with her, but Liu Changan was very conscious and picked up a bottle and touched it with Zhongqing.
“Can you drink it?” Bai Hui sat there looking left and right, slowly peeling her favorite shrimps and crabs, while continuing to worry, she was asking about Liu Changan.
“I went to a winery before, and there was some misunderstanding. They thought I was some kind of spy who came to find out their secret recipe, and locked me in their wine cellar. But before I could be released, an army entered After entering the winery, they forgot about locking me up, and I drank all their wine.” Liu Changan looked at the beer bottle and said, “What does this mean?”
“Look at how awesome you are. What kind of winery is that? There’s only one bottle of wine in the cellar?” Bai Hui was having fun listening to Liu Changan’s nonsense. She felt like she was back in high school when he was his roommate, and she missed it a bit. Just graduated.
What she misses is not high school, but the time when he sat next to her. This thought startled Bai Hui, and she immediately glared at Liu Changan angrily.
“Maotai.” Liu