and claims to have considerable attainments in Taiyi, cause and effect, and reincarnation.”

As he spoke, he moved his steps and quietly blocked Xu Ying’s escape route.
The two of them are ready to attack together and can attack at any time.
Xu Ying didn’t take it seriously and asked, “Do you two doubt my origin?”
Master Hua Dao said: “There are very few people who practice the Nine Innate Paths. I know people who practice the Taiyi Dao. The practice of this Dao is extremely slow and the achievements are not high. It is really rare for people like you to practice three high Dao at the same time. .”
Master Luo said: “Although there were many people practicing beside Taoist Master back then, I have met everyone, but I don’t remember you.”
“who are you?”
Master Hua took a step forward, used his hand as an ax, and chopped down at Xu Ying!
As soon as he took action, Xu Ying could see that his cultivation was indeed extraordinary. He had already reached the immortal realm. Although it was only in the early stages, he still had considerable combat power.
The avenue practiced by Hua Dao Master is also an extremely high-level avenue and strength.
Everything is powerful. To put it simply, ordinary people can lift dozens of kilograms of weight, seeds can break out of the ground when they sprout, the geomagnetic force of stars, the magnetic force that maintains the movement of galaxies, and the traction force between the smallest substances. Repulsion is all force.
His power was extremely domineering, and the ax had the potential to open up the world. With one blow, Xu Ying even felt that the void around him had been split thirty times!
“It is really no small matter to cultivate strength to this level! An inconspicuous avenue like strength should not be underestimated!”
The earth-opening method was created by Xu Ying back then, and it was just an imitation of the wizard Taojun, but now his vision, knowledge and cultivation background have surpassed that of the wizard.
/His ability to open up new lands is even better than that of the sorcerer!
The light of the ax met the light of the axe. The next moment, Master Hua’s divine ax was shattered. His expression suddenly changed and he staggered back.
Xu Ying secretly praised in his heart: “It’s really remarkable that you can cultivate the Tao Master in the ancient times on the other side. With just a not-so-outstanding Tao, you can make your cultivation reach the level of a Tao Lord. It’s not allowed to happen.” Look down on!”
Although Master Hua lost, he won his respect.
There was still a trace of doubt in his heart: “The strength of this Hua Dao Master is really extraordinary. Could it be that I have really gone back to the past?”
At the same time, Master Luo had already rushed forward, condensing his Tao power and turning it into a pagoda, pressing towards his back.
Xu Ying stepped back and shook his Fengya Pagoda with his body. The pagoda suddenly shattered!
Xu Ying’s face changed slightly, and he felt a faint pain in his back, and thought in his heart: “Thi