disaster again.”

Her face suddenly changed slightly, and she said in shock: “For some reason, the impact of my Hongmeng enlightenment is getting stronger and stronger. Everyone, let’s find a safe place as soon as possible!”
Cen Xi and others quickly escorted her away.
In the Light Realm, Yin Yang Dao Lord is sitting at attention. He has already reached the Great Perfection of the Immortal Realm and is only half a step away from the Tao Master Realm. Over the years, he has been thinking about how to break through and become a Tao Master.
“The universe has been harvested, my skills have been reached, and my understanding has been sufficient.”
Lord Yin Yang Dao frowned slightly and whispered, “Why can’t I break through? Where am I lacking?”
At this time, a voice came and said leisurely: “Heaven and earth are the above and below of all things; Yin and Yang are the men and women of blood; left and right are the paths of Yin and Yang; water and fire are the signs of Yin and Yang; Yin and Yang are the birthplace of all things. You cannot use Yin and Yang. After attaining the Tao, have the Tao of water and fire been harmonized? Is the Tao of up and down accessible? Is the Tao of men and women clear? Is the conception of all things clearly understood?”
The Lord of Yin and Yang Dao was like waking up from a dream, and he was suddenly enlightened by this. Suddenly, the Yin and Yang Dao that he had practiced before was now integrated!
He felt something in his heart, and suddenly the yin and yang energy between heaven and earth came one after another, and the yin and yang avenue also had a Taoist master at this moment!
The Yin-Yang Avenue between heaven and earth is constantly blessed by the Yin-Yang Taoist Master!
The Yin-Yang Taoist Master was surprised and happy, and suddenly realized: “Who on earth guided me to become the Yin-Yang Taoist Master?”
He looked around distractedly, but couldn’t find anyone.
/“Could it be that what I think about every day and what I dream about at night actually points me to myself? That must be the case!”
The Yin Yang Dao Master laughed and said, “My accomplishments on the Yin Yang Dao are unparalleled in the world, who can teach me?”
He no longer thought about how he attained the Dao, and concentrated on sorting out his insights.
However, Dong Xuanzi had already left, and said to himself: “It is not enough to have only one Yin and Yang Dao Master, more Dao Masters are needed. The Lord of the Gods and Demons is in Cuiwei Tianyuan, and he is only half a step away from attaining the Dao. Just add some dials.”
Analyzing any of the heaven and earth avenues under the Taiyi Avenue is easy for him, and there is no difficulty at all.
Because back then, he understood the three thousand avenues one by one to the perfection of the immortal realm, and then became the master of the Tao!
He has demonstrated the Three Thousand Great Ways three thousand times!
In terms of insights and skills in attaining the truth, no one can surpass him!
/A few days later, Dong Xuanzi came to Cuiwei Tianyuan