“Master of the Great Dao of Life and Death, do you want to see my magical powers?”
Xu Ying’s eyes were bright, and he adjusted the flood source to reverse the Dao Lu. With a long roar, he pushed his palms forward, and he saw the energy of chaos surging out like waves. In an instant, flood lotus grew in the sea of ??chaos, and the flood source slowly rose from where the lotus bloomed!
/The Lord of Life and Death Dao suddenly felt the threat of life and death coming towards him, and he was horrified in his heart. He hurriedly mobilized Dongyuan, mustered all his Dao power, and bravely faced this blow!
The two magical powers collided, and the Lord of Life and Death couldn’t stand, and flew backwards against the sea of ????stars!
When he removed the power of Xu Ying’s blow, he found that he had his feet on the ground and was actually beaten back to Lingxing Sect by this blow!
Xu Ying stood on the fairy island, his clothes flying.
At this moment, his Wuji Tao finally integrated into the Five Supreme Beings and cultivated them into immortality!
Now his nine innate paths, including Nirvana, have all entered the realm of immortality!
Immortal realm!
At this moment, he was on the threshold between the Supreme Realm and the Immortal Realm, and he felt as if the great avenues of the world were all in my chest.
Lord Dao of Life and Death slowly straightened up, raised his head, and looked far away, looking across the sea at Xu Ying who was far away on the Immortal Island.
Xu Ying’s blow really shocked him. It was so powerful and powerful. When he was bullied, it made it difficult for him to maintain his life and death path.
“Master of the Dao of Life and Death, this call from me is like a lotus blooming to illuminate the world. Back then, I placed a palm print on the body of the Dao of Rongku and asked him to see you.”
Xu Ying faced him from a distance, and his voice came out very clearly, “I thought you had figured out the method to counter my move, but judging from the fact that you were repelled by me, you didn’t figure out anything.”
Lord Dao of Life and Death’s heart was slightly disturbed. Lord Rongku came to see him with Xu Ying’s magical power. He only saw the Chaos Lotus and not the source of the flood, which resulted in Rongku’s tragic death.
The one he promised to use just now was the Lotus Blooming Yaoshi to force him back. He still didn’t understand the mystery of this magical move.
“I have learned Tai Chi from life and death. The Tao of Tai Chi is better than the Tao of life and death!”
The Master of the Great Path of Life and Death suddenly adjusted the Great Path of Life and Death, and the sea of ??stars thousands of miles in front of him suddenly stood up straight, turned into a Tai Chi diagram of life and death, and spun with a buzzing sound!
In an instant, the Dao power of countless stars and sand in the sea of ????thousands of stars was stimulated by him, turning into a beam of life and death that shone on Xu Ying!
Li Xiao was startled and was about to urge the Lingxing Sect Center to f