n heaven and earth, and no one can escape. Immortality cannot, and neither can the Avenue Master! So, is there true transcendence?”

He murmured to himself in a low voice, “On the other side, passing on the misfortune, can it be passed on forever without misfortune?”
The disaster in Zhaojie ended, leaving behind devastation. Zhaojie once had a Taoist master, hundreds of immortals, and countless supreme-level beings.
After experiencing this turmoil, the number of immortals and supreme beings dropped sharply, leaving only 20 to 30% of their original numbers. As for the immortals and mortals, they also suffered heavy casualties.
/The original Zhaojie can be said to be one of the most powerful universes among the thousands of universes under Bi’an’s command. Now it suddenly fell to the middle and lower levels.
Taoist Wukong found Prince Zhaojie, the son of Emperor Zhao He, who survived the turmoil.
“Didn’t Senior Brother Shenghai tell you that getting rid of the Immortal can delay the disaster? Why do you want to create a murder disaster against immortals?” Taoist Wukong asked.
The Prince of Zhaojie sneered: “I am also an immortal and belong to the ruler of Zhaojie. If I betray my position as a ruler and attack other immortals, which of them will obey my rule? Then I will be the one who dies!” When disaster strikes, I can only unify the immortals and attack the immortals. If we survive the disaster, we are more valuable than mortals!”
Taoist Wukong smashed his head with a stick and killed his soul. He carried the blood-stained golden stick away and sneered: “Hehe, he is also an old man.”
Li Xiao woke up faintly, but saw that Zhang Sun Shenghai was not nearby. He breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly sensed the bad luck, but his heart felt cold.
She couldn’t even feel the aura of disaster in Zhaojie!
At this time, Lu Yiren’s voice came: “Senior Sister Li, the disaster in Zhaojie has ended.”
“it’s over?”
Li Xiao was shocked. The purpose of Hua Dao Master sending her and her two junior brothers this time was to get the luck from Zhaojie, cultivate them, and let them use the luck to prove and become enlightened, so that the other side can control the luck. .
She has been a virgin under the sect of Master Hua Dao. Although she seems to be beautiful, her status is neither high nor low. If you can go out independently and become a luck-destroying Taoist king, your status will be much higher than that of a virgin.
Therefore, she was determined to win this disaster, and she did not hesitate to get rid of the two junior brothers on the Chaos Sea.
However, people are not as good as God, but she encountered Lu Yi and Changsun Shenghai successively in Zhaojie.
The strength of these two people is more perverted than the last, especially Changsun Shenghai. Even though she joined forces with Lu Yiren, she was still beaten to death by Changsun Shenghai’s move!
When I wake up, it’s all over.
Lu Yiren came over and comforted him: “Chang Sun Shenghai is right in what he said. Why do we need to plunder the calamity? There