er the leadership of Mao Huan, he arrived at Qingqiu Palace.

Yes, there is also a Qingqiu Palace in the Demon Palace.
The Demon Palace occupies a huge area. Due to the special nature of the first Demon Emperor, more than 90% of the continuous building complex of this palace belongs to the harem. Among them, the vixen’s territory is called Qingqiu Palace and enjoys an exclusive secret realm. After entering, it is a continuous Palace.
Lu Bei was numb when he saw it. He was envious of the first-generation Demon Emperor. No, his contempt for the first-generation Demon Emperor could not be increased.
There is no sun or moon in the secret realm. Nuohuan leads the way, walks on the small bridge and flowing water, and walks in the rockery garden.
Lu Bei then seemed to be staring intently at the two-petal peach that was as round as the full moon, but in fact, his senses were fully activated. Every time he put his foot down, he was checking the surroundings for other things.
There is a saying that Chun Lubei can develop the Zhen character that represents thunder to such an extent. His qualifications are so terrifying. Anyway, the first-generation Demon Emperor and the Abandoned Sutra, the two invincibles, could not achieve this.
In front of a main hall, Wei Huan stopped. Lu Bei sensed the mechanism of the underground palace and without thinking, he opened the door and walked in.
After two seconds, return the same way.
It’s outrageous that Fox Er actually took a bath in it, and even coquettishly found eight little foxes to rub her shoulders and back.
Doesn’t the Queen Mother have her own palace? Why did she occupy the vixen’s territory?
Lu Bei glared at Wei Huan in annoyance. Hearing the laughter of the second fox in the palace, he slapped her on the buttocks with his backhand.
I can’t cure the old witch, and I can’t cure you!
Lu Bei slapped Yao Huan until her eyes were filled with tears. He suspected that Wu Huan did it on purpose and jumped into the pit himself, and also dragged his apprentice into the water.
Yahuan was even more aggrieved. His Majesty called for the Queen Mother by name, but she led the way but was slapped in vain.
Your Majesty is so domineering when he attacks me!
In the main hall, Hu Er’s laughter had not stopped yet. Lu Bei felt unlucky and secretly cursed the old witch, asking Hu Er to hurry up and discuss important matters.
“Since it is an important matter, my son will come in and discuss it slowly with his mother.”
/No one answered, so Lu Bei found a square pavilion far away and refused to give the old witch a chance to continue teasing him.
Half an hour later, Hu Er finished bathing and changing clothes. With a joking smile on his face, he squinted his eyes and said jokingly: “How is it? How is my mother’s figure?”
“As people grow old and their pearls turn yellow, even the first generation Demon Emperor had to quit sex after seeing him.”
Lu Bei snarled back angrily. He was too lazy to talk to the unreliable Hu Er and strode into the hall. He waved his hands to disp