Ten Thousand Immortals Array, or in other words, they did not pay attention to the Ten Thousand Immortals Array at all. This is the pride that saints should have. They have the capital to regard all living beings as ants.

As for some time ago, a certain saint was frightened by Zhou Tianxingdou and ceded the magic weapon to seek peace. It is not convenient to go into details here.
It cannot be said that saints are not good, but some variables are too outrageous.
/With his status as a saint, how could he casually mingle with ants, so all the immortals except the Twelve Golden Immortals from the Chan Sect came out one after another, playing the role of “first to ascend” in the battlefield battle.
The so-called “first climb”, at best, refers to the elite of the army who fell into battle and cut down the flag, at worst, they can be dead soldiers or cannon fodder.
Their only role is to overwhelm the enemy’s military formation, and their role in the Ten Thousand Immortals Formation is the same. They work hard at once, then weaken again, and finally exhaust themselves in three attempts to create a passage and point the way for the Twelve Golden Immortals behind them.
The immortals of the two sects of Chanjie were killed in one place, and most of the Sanxian of the sect of Chanjie were killed and injured in an instant. They may be one of the elites, but they can’t beat four hands with two fists. In addition, they are fighting away from home, and there is no formation bonus from the immortals of the Chanjie sect. The scene was very ugly.
Fortunately, they were not without any merit. They discovered the mysterious changes in the front formation and gave the Twelve Golden Immortals an opportunity to break the formation.
Not all the twelve golden immortals took action. Those who had apprentices asked their apprentices to take the lead first. Those who did not have apprentices called for help from the loose immortals with whom they usually had good friendships.
If you don’t have anything, you can only do it yourself.
Just hearing a sound, Huanglong, the real person among the Twelve Golden Immortals, died, and his soul went to Xiqi’s list of gods.
The corner of Yuanshi Tianzun’s eyes twitched. Although the real Huanglong was never liked by him because of his heel problem, the twelve golden immortals are connected with each other. The death of real Huanglong indicates that the twelve golden immortals will have a great disaster today.
Can’t wait any longer!
Yuanshi Tianzun no longer cares about the reputation of bullying the small, and ordered the Antarctic Immortal to drive the Nine Dragons Agarwood Chariot, hold the Pangu flag, and wave a chaotic sword energy.
The saint personally took action, supplemented by top-level magic weapons, which had the effect of a dimensionality-reducing strike. The Ten Thousand Immortals Formation fell on their backs, and within a short time, more than ten primordial gods were on the list of gods.
Yuanshi Tianzun opened the way, followed by Laozi, Jie Yin, and Zhunti, and followed them