As soon as he said this, the avenues in everyone’s bodies that were constantly being replaced by spiritual patterns suddenly calmed down. They felt a wonderful power running through all their avenues, so that the spiritual patterns, Dao patterns, dragon patterns, and runes no longer conflict.
/Seeing this, Xu Ying couldn’t help praising the master of the avenue, and thought to himself: “My martial arts still lack some strength. If martial arts can unify the avenues of Taiyi, Chaos, Hongmeng, Samsara, etc., and then encounter a high-level avenue structure like the spirit pattern, then Don’t worry about crying.”
At this moment, gray snow was still flying in the sky and falling continuously. Xu Ying looked up and saw the face of the ancestral god appearing on the canopy of the Ancestral Court of Heaven. Apparently he also saw the spiritual pattern.
“Brother Dao!” Xu Ying immediately looked at Dao Zongyuan.
Dao Zongyuan raised his hand gently, and the ancestral god descended from the sky, fell down, and landed next to him. Dao Zongyuan suddenly turned into ashes and stopped.
/Xu Ying glared at the Ancestor God angrily and said to everyone: “This is the spirit pattern I got from the spiritual universe. It is a kind of texture of the avenue that is more advanced than the other side of the universe. Use the spirit pattern to describe the avenue, first complicated and then Jane, when you reach the perfection of immortality and comprehend the unique spiritual pattern, you can attain the position of Taoist master.”
Everyone had seen how powerful and terrifying the spirit pattern was, and when they heard what he said, they couldn’t help but feel ashamed.
Xu Ying arranged the spiritual patterns he had obtained and said: “Spiritual patterns are a kind of avenue structure that directly leads to the realm of Tao masters, which is better than Kung Fu. If spiritual patterns can be implemented in the three realms, it will definitely create many avenue masters. ”
As soon as this was said, there was silence all around.
After a while, the waste Qingxuan looked around and said: “The civilization of our three realms is based on the infrastructure of our respective avenues. When Li Wen invaded, Xu Daozu also said that if we are fully transformed, will we still be people of the three realms? Nowadays, the spiritual pattern is indeed more advanced, but I can’t help but have the same question, if we are fully spiritualized, will we still be people of the Three Realms?”
His words were clear and simple, but they were really shocking and made everyone fall into deep thought.
After a moment, the Holy Lord said: “It is not advisable to fully transform into a human being, and it is not advisable to transform into a comprehensive spiritual transformation. In the past, we could evolve Tao patterns, runes and dragon patterns under the pressure of human transformation. Now we can not evolve under the pressure of spiritual transformation.” Next, continue to evolve.”
Yuanzu smiled and said, “Back then, when we faced Li Wen’