investigate Dwayne Dantès, and wait until it is confirmed that there is no big problem before joining the scholarship fund. Yes, it’s almost Monday. You can entrust Forsi and Mr. “Moon” at the Tarot meeting. They are both there. Backlund

Monday afternoon, three o’clock sharp.
Rays of crimson light shot up in the majestic palace, freezing into blurry figures.
“Justice” Audrey quickly looked around, looked at the top of the long bronze table, smiled and saluted:
“Good afternoon, Mr. Fool”
Hearing Miss Justice’s greetings, “The Fool” Klein suddenly felt strong emotions.
After knowing the identity, status, appearance and situation of the other party, he had a deeper understanding of the lightness, joy and vitality in “Justice” Audrey’s tone, and understood where their essence came from. But Klein did not feel envious and jealous because of this, thinking that the other party lacked the training of suffering. Instead, he felt that in such a world where the underlying rules were full of chaos, distortion and madness, it was really good to have such a young lady.
A slight smile appeared on his face, he nodded slightly, and responded to Miss Justice’s greeting.
After the members of the Tarot Club finished greeting each other, “Hermit” Cattleya pushed up her glasses, turned sideways, and saluted the blurry figure shrouded in gray mist at the top of the long bronze table:
“Dear Mr. Fool, this time there are three pages of the diary.”
“The Queen of Mystery” is finally online again. Klein cursed and said with a smile:
“very good.”
A few seconds later, Cattleya the Hermit, who had received permission, materialized the diaries and watched them “jump” into Mr. Fool’s palm.
Klein took a casual glance and suddenly said “Huh” in his heart.
He found that the diary provided by the “Queen of Mysteries” seemed to belong to the early period of Emperor Russell, and did not seem to contain important information.
“The weather in Fusac is really a bit cold. It’s not even October yet, and it looks like it’s going to snow. No wonder the specialties here are all kinds of coats and cold-proof clothing, as well as spirits.
“Damn, the heights of people here are really exaggerated. It is indeed a country of descendants of giants. However, I still want to say that I hate others looking down on me.
“Tonight, I’m going to the tavern to find a beautiful woman from Fusac to get drunk together.”
/Seeing this, Klein suddenly suspected that “Queen of Mysteries” Bernadette provided these pages of the diary to ask if she had an older brother or younger brother of Fusac blood.
“On September 22, I seemed to be broken.
“What happened last night? Where’s my Fusak beauty? I didn’t even drink from her.
/“People from the embassy told me that girls here are often better drinkers than men.
“You have to be restrained when going to pubs from now on. It would be bad if some aunt picks up the corpse.”
“The wine here is really strong. I’ve had a headache for a whole day. Fortunately, it’s not a pain in my butt. Go to bed early and go to visit the