even the way I thought about the case.

even the way I thought about the case.
When I think about this level, I can’t help but think of what Yan Shiyu said about her understanding of me. Then Fan Zhen undoubtedly became the one with the biggest suspicion. Yan Shiyu came to me just to tell me why sometimes there are people around me who don’t make sense. The coincidence, why sometimes the murderer can completely control the direction of the entire case is entirely due to his understanding of me. Currently, there are only three people I know who know me so well, Fan Zhen, Yan Shiyu and Dong Binhong.
I don’t know if there are others besides, at least for now, and it seems that every one of these three people is suspected. After all, none of the three people is an ordinary person, both in terms of life experience and ability, but for Fan Zhen I know even less about the identity.
I couldn’t find enough clues at the hospital, so I went to the funeral home. All cremated corpses have cremation records, so I found their person in charge, identified myself, and asked them to help me find out about Zheng Yuyang’s cremation. The file was finally found. All the records on it were consistent with what Zhang Ziang and I said. The ashes had been delivered to Zheng Yuyang’s parents for burial. All the details were impeccable and there was no practical evidence at all. s things.
/After that, I also gave up the idea of ??going to Zheng Yuyang’s tomb, let alone taking out his ashes for testing, because nothing can be tested on the ashes, and the skeleton of the corpse cremated at such a high temperature has completely destroyed its structure. Can’t even find out.
But even after seeing such an impeccable file, I felt more and more that Fan Zhen had hidden the corpse somewhere. I thought about it, since the corpse has been parasitized with spores, it will continue to be infected until the nutrients of the entire corpse are exhausted. Exhausted, that is to say, it is impossible to prevent the reproduction of spores using ordinary methods. Unless Fan Zhen has found a way to crack it, the corpse will definitely be damaged if it is left for such a long time.
But this doesn’t mean that Fan Zhen can’t do anything. I thought for a while and suddenly remembered some details. Lu Zhou once met with the old forensic doctor in the hospital. I was also confused at that time, but I couldn’t think of a reasonable explanation. Now suddenly Thinking of it, a thought suddenly flashed through my mind. When Zheng Yuyang died, Fan Zhen hired an old forensic doctor to help dissect the boy’s body. After the old forensic doctor was poisoned and sent to the hospital, he completely withdrew from the matter. It seemed reasonable, but Now that I think about it, it’s so strange.
What’s more important is that I once found an old forensic doctor, and he gave me two clues. The first one was a piece of silver that looked like fish scales. He told me that it was found in the boy’s body, and then he told me something else. –Sodium photohydrogen, asked me to check this thing, but I also checked it s