mes in a row, and in an instant, the battlefield was aroused, bringing with it endless murderous aura. The pipa sounded, the sound of cracking silk was loud, and the murderous aura filled the sky and resounded throughout the valley!

People shouted and came in droves.
The next moment, the fairy dragon staff was bent by a punch, and the scales on the dragon’s body exploded, and the pieces shot out backwards with a hissing sound.
The dragon’s sinews and bones snapped, and the muscles were twisted into a ball. The punch of Little Tianzun caused the essence of this immortal weapon to be scattered, and the Dao Wen was shattered!
The hands of the master in the Yuanfeng world holding the dragon staff snapped and broke, and the broken bones shot backwards. His physical body and soul had been pierced by the flying dragon scales and riddled with holes.
/The little Tianzun, dressed in white as snow, flashed past him, and amidst the sound of pipa, he faced the sword with his palm force. The sword hit his palm and exploded from the tip to the hilt!
The hand holding the sword met Little Tianzun’s palm force, and the palm began to explode, and then the arm was destroyed from the wrist all the way back to the shoulder blade!
The master who raised the immortal sword was completely evaporated by this palm!
At this moment, a small golden mountain was sacrificed and turned into a ten thousand-foot golden mountain in mid-air, shining brightly and pressing down on the little Tianzun.
Little Tianzun’s body sank suddenly under the pressure, and the master who raised the Jinshan Mountain was overjoyed and shouted: “I suppressed him!”
The little Tianzun raised his hand and patted the golden mountain. The ten thousand golden mountains were stacked and twisted, pressed together, and instantly turned into a huge golden cake, flying towards the sky!
The sound of the pipa and the piano became more urgent and murderous, and more powerful men sacrificed their own immortal weapons and rushed towards this side.
/The figure of Little Tianzun flashed in the crowd, like a tiger or a dragon, fierce and ferocious, and it was difficult to encounter an enemy. Wherever it passed, fairy weapons exploded one after another, and each living body turned into nothing. The corpse of life!
The two Immortal Kings could not leave Wei Xu directly, so they could only come in incarnations.
However, the incarnations of the two Immortal Kings failed to take the main seat this time. Sitting on the main seat was a young man in brocade clothes, with a purple gold crown on his head, fair face, and eyes like stars and moons, very handsome.
“Someone is messing with the positions of masters from all realms to create opportunities for Little Tianzun!”
The Five Jue Immortal King said, “This person saw our ambush, so he messed up the outer positions first, forcing us to launch in advance, so as to help Xiao Tianzun rescue the siege and turn this siege into a chaos. In the chaos, we can attack After all, the people around Little Tianzun are in the minority.”