t the same time, without the disturbance and interruption of the evil wind, and with the uncontrollable halo on the back of Yan Jianwei’s head reappearing, the demon version of the “Heart-Eating Summoning Curse” began to erode Yan Jianwei’s mind again.

But this time, Yan Jianwei’s scarlet bloodshot eyes gradually revealed, but there was a surge of hatred that could be described as crazy.
“Old Biyun Snake!”
“Good! Very good!”
“In this incarnation of mine, I originally wanted to be the head teacher of Xuanzong, but now I am”
No matter how beautiful and magnificent the plan was, it all came to nothing in the face of such a situation. The leader of Xuanzong was still missing. If the disaster could not be solved at this time, not to mention Yan Jianwei himself, perhaps sitting in the court Mother Danxia in Changshan Dojo is going to be in big trouble!
So after thinking for a short time, as if he thought of something, Yan Jianwei first took a careful look in the direction where the two old Jindan monsters were fighting, then stopped staying there for too long, endured the pain, and looked for He went in another direction and took one step away.
After a long time, a sound broke through the air. When Yan Jianwei’s figure fell from the spiritual light again, he saw the black flag that originally belonged to Zhong Chaoyuan swinging in his hand.
At this moment, Yan Jianwei had already used brute force and a powerful level of powerful magic to refine the banner’s restrictions.
As the flags swayed, the two colors of red and azure dispersed in an instant like water and fire, like spilled paint, and now melted into the rough waves of the outer sea. In just an instant, a large amount of sea water was Dyeed into the color of Danqing Tai Chi.
/Then, as the waves rolled, pieces of monster beast corpses rolled up from the deep sea to the surface.
At the same time, rays of gray-black soul light, like some strange scene, reflected the dark storm all around, emerged from the deep sea together with the remains of the monster beast, and then disappeared into the flag little by little.
At this time, Yan Jianwei raised his other hand, constantly changing the seals. As he kneaded and kneaded the spells, spells fell down one after another. Between the lightning and stone fire, they condensed into arrays of spells in the mid-air, and then were wrapped in spiritual light. , submerged in the black flags.
When you look carefully, you can see that the talisman formations are different from each other, but the principles within them seem to come from the same source.
Gradually, people watched more and more, and people began to see the essence and meaning of the Netherworld Talisman Array.
It is still a treasure of Yin Ming Dharma and Ghost Demon Dao, but as Yan Jianwei continues to wash it with talisman arrays, the aura inside is changing little by little.
If it is said that when the flag was in Zhong Chaoyuan’s hand earlier, what it reflected was the underworld and the rivers of heaven, where the ghosts and ghosts had washed a