The young man stepped forward, bowed to Xu Ying and said, “Emei disciple Yankongcheng meets the Immortal Immortal.”

Xu Ying heard this and asked doubtfully: “Have you seen me?”
/The young man Yan Kongcheng said: “Three thousand years ago, before the world was sealed, I saw the Immortal Immortal in Emei.”
/Xu Ying was stunned, looked him up and down, and asked, “Are you an Ascension Stage Qi Refiner?”
Xu Ying was suspicious and said: “Brother Yan, you can open the Jiaji Porch and add fuel to your life. Although you can extend your life, you shouldn’t be able to live until now, right?”
Yankong Cheng said: “When Emei was sealed, I saw the sky and the earth curling up. I was about to escape, but unexpectedly I was also sealed. When I woke up again, it was already three thousand years later, and things and people had changed.”
The big bell whispered: “Ah Ying, little Phoenix Fairy!”
Xu Ying nodded slightly, and he also thought of Feng Xian’er.
What happened to Yankong City was similar to what happened to Xiao Fengxian. Xiao Fengxian also said that not long after she was born, there was a drastic change in the world and she was sealed by an unknown force. When she woke up, it was already three thousand years later.
These three thousand years have been nothing.
Xiao Fengxian seemed to have taken a nap, and when she woke up, she had traveled through three thousand years.
Xu Ying looked at Yankong City. Could it be that Yankong City and Xiao Fengxian had the same experience?
Could it be that the great seal three thousand years ago had any other secrets besides the folding of heaven and earth caused by the induction of heaven and man?
Yankong City was full of energy, his eyes were shining, and his breath felt as sharp as a knife. Suddenly he pointed a finger, and Xu Ying immediately saw his fingertips vibrate slightly, and he saw hundreds of index points pointing to him. Come on!
Those index fingers move fast or slowly, forward or backward, with strange rhythms, which contain the secrets of the Tao. They are exactly the immortal magical power that the sad-faced old man is proficient in, the Immortal Killing Finger!
However, the Killing Immortal Finger was used from Yankong City. Although its power was far inferior to that of the sad-faced old man Fu Yi, it was more subtle!
It seems that what he got is the real biography!
Xu Ying remained calm and gathered his energy, using the Finger of Heavenly Dao that he had comprehended by studying the Heavenly Dao runes of Long Yuan God.
However, this finger of his also incorporates the method of counting the days. It looks like one finger, but in fact, the power of counting the days is hidden behind it!
What the Immortal Killing Finger performs is the Immortal Way, and the Heavenly Dao Finger is the Heavenly Way. Logically speaking, the Immortal Way jumps out of the Heavenly Way and overrides the Heavenly Way. However, the Immortal Killing Finger’s Immortal Way is not the real Immortal Way, but the Immortal Way learned by Emei’s ancestor. Received supernatural powers.