o buy these extraordinary beings.

For these extraordinary Metcalfe staff, they also put a lot of thought into it and used various means to control their hearts, which is why they reached such a scale.
Even though there are a lot of extraordinary people in the Federation, the truly strong ones are difficult to bribe.
The strength of those extraordinary beings who have entered the major forces and become enshrined can only be regarded as passable.
It is almost impossible to have a powerful Chaofan serve him. Unless a powerful Chaofan is cultivated by himself, it will be difficult to restrain him.
Only the military can cultivate a large number of extraordinary people because of its huge resources in war zones. Even so, every extraordinary person will enjoy the treatment of the rank of major general, so that these extraordinary people can be retained.
Although President Louis is very powerful, he is only an elected president. Before he became the president, his influence was very small. Even after becoming the president, the powerful Chaofan will only serve the government and will not become the president’s thug.
There are not many extraordinary people under President Louis. These are his heritage. Every death of one is a huge loss.
/But he couldn’t let the extraordinary people kill him, so he had to listen to Dean Constable’s opinion. Dean Constable’s research was his hope.
/President Louis winked at Metcalfe’s staff, who immediately understood what he meant.
“Be careful, don’t kill David!” Metcalf’s staff gave orders to the extraordinary people.
It is impossible for President Louis to say such a thing. A transcendent was just killed, and he needs to consider the feelings of other transcendent.
David felt that Shadow Attendant had absorbed the extraordinary soul, and he was not at all happy in his heart. This was just one extraordinary person, and there were nine extraordinary ones beside him.
He repeated his old trick again and opened his mouth to emit “high-frequency sound waves”. However, this time after the “high-frequency sound waves” were emitted, a shaking energy shield appeared outside the nine extraordinary “extraordinary armors”.
In fact, David had already guessed that these extraordinary people would take corresponding precautions after knowing that he could use ‘high-frequency sound waves’.
In fact, ‘high-frequency sound waves’ are still very powerful when unprepared, but once prepared, as long as a sound-isolating shield is used, the ‘high-frequency sound waves’ can lose their effect.
Of course, if the power of David’s ‘high-frequency sound waves’ can exceed the endurance of the shield, it will still be effective.
The extraordinary abilities emitted by the fourth-level Zerg are the same as those emitted by the second-level Zerg. Although the extraordinary abilities are the same, their power is vastly different. Unfortunately, in order for the ‘high-frequency sound wave’ to reach its strongest state, it requires changes in physiological structure. David doesn’t have this ability.
Without the