roblems and is unable to afford the high cost of war. This is a practical problem that urgently needs to be solved.

But the war will continue. All races on the mainland are looking at us. If it ends in such a dismal manner, how can the human race’s dominance be stabilized?
As for the problem of war funding gap, the Alpha Kingdom also proposed three solutions. In addition to the first two, the other one is to auction the land of the orc prairie.
Don’t refuse in a hurry, the natural conditions of the orc prairie are still relatively good. As long as there is no threat from the orcs, it can also become fertile soil.
Even if we don’t need this land, there are still future generations who do. If you miss this opportunity, it will be difficult to obtain so much high-quality land in the future! ”
Charles III worked hard to sell it.
It’s a pity that the representatives present are all old foxes. No matter how he deceives, everyone will remain motionless.
Regardless of the potential development value, the current orc prairie is just a piece of white land.
/If you want to develop it, you don’t know how much resources you need to invest. The income is only enough to arrange for a few descendants, and there is no substantial improvement for the entire family.
These are all lessons learned in blood. How many of the nobles who were deceived by the Alpha Kingdom to move north and take root now are still left?
The situation was immediately silenced, and there was nothing Charles III could do. Everyone was unwilling to invest large amounts of resources in the orc prairie, and he himself was also unwilling to invest heavily in the north.
Large investment and long return period are only one factor. What worries him the most is the safety issue. The orcs have retreated all the way and will not fight the coalition forces at all.
Once the five orc royal families successfully evacuate from the prairie, the difficulty level will increase several times if they want to destroy them.
“This matter is so big that we can’t decide at the moment. I think it’s better to put it on hold and wait until the war is over to discuss it again.
Regarding the war funding gap, the Alliance will subsidize part of it, and the remaining funding gap will be raised by the Alpha Kingdom itself. Everyone contributed and bought the war bonds they issued first.
The interest rate is lower, just lower. Who makes us all allies?
When it comes to the hegemony of the human race, we can’t settle these small accounts! ”
Count Djordjevich opened his mouth to smooth things over.
Although I want to see a joke about Charles III, in the current situation, the overall situation must be put first.
Compared with its own practical interests, the emotional dispute with the Frankish Kingdom is not worth mentioning at all.
Although no party is very satisfied with the almost muddled solution, it is still a solution that everyone can reluctantly accept.
Except for a few poor guys who were also victims of the war, the remaining representatives of the major forces fina