h, and then he said mysteriously: “They are just the knights of the owner of the War Castle. The owner of the War Castle is more powerful, but it is a pity that you cannot contact them, otherwise you can exchange weapons with them. !”

When Benton Chaofan said this, there was a look of envy in his eyes.
The weapons in the hands of the six knights just now made Benton extraordinary. Perhaps every extraordinary person in the Interstellar Federation wants to own a ‘quasi-extraordinary weapon’.
“Yes, ‘quasi-supernatural weapon’, if we can have one, our strength will be greatly increased!” Garth Chaofan also said.
David understood the mood of the two extraordinary beings. Even though he already owned a ‘quasi-extraordinary weapon’, after seeing the ‘quasi-extraordinary weapons’ with different effects in the hands of six knights, he also wanted to have more. Lots of ‘quasi-supernatural weapons’ ideas.
“Actually, their strength is about the same as mine!” Benton Chaofan said to David. He seemed to feel that it was inappropriate to say this, and then changed his words: “Maybe they are stronger than me, but their strength is limited. Their strongest Thanks to their cooperation, they can combine the strength of the six knights into one, and coupled with the ‘quasi-supernatural weapons’ that add special effects, they can exert several times their own strength!”
“Their shields are also extraordinary!” David nodded and said.
“That is also a ‘quasi-supernatural weapon’. The ‘Titan Black Beetle’ just now was probably subjected to effects such as ‘weakening’, ‘slowing down’, and ‘poison’, and was unable to exert its full power in the end. But even so, the six knights can Blocking the impact of the ‘Titan Black Beetle’ also shows how strong the defensive capabilities of their round shields are!” Benton replied extraordinary.
/At this moment, David’s body also recovered a little under the influence of the third-level healing potion, and the three of them jumped into the air and flew towards the defense line.
David followed the two extraordinary people back to their defensive walls. At this moment, the soldiers on the fifteen defensive walls were cheering and laughing.
They were celebrating another victory, and it was a victory with a small loss, this time even smaller than yesterday’s loss.
The third-level insect race ‘Phantom Millipede’ was killed by David and others early in the insect swarm. This caused the insect swarm to lose its impact early. Especially the insect swarm at the rear was in chaos first, which gradually affected the front. swarm of insects.
Therefore, today’s defense is very easy. In addition, the strongest attack of today’s second-level Zerg “Ghost Face Spider” is not lethal, but traps people with spider silk, which makes the loss even smaller.
But the celebrating soldiers didn’t know what was happening in the distance, and what dangers Chaofan in the army and David had experienced together.
However, neither David nor the two extraordinary people wanted to tell what happened just now. Some things woul