smans and general talismans, while the Si Lijian is the well-deserved first prisoner in the inner court.

smans and general talismans, while the Si Lijian is the well-deserved first prisoner in the inner court.
When Shang Baojian was strong, he had a certain weight in speaking on military matters, but at best he could only compete with the Chief of Ceremonies. Most of the time, it was the Chief of Ceremonies and the eunuch who had the final say.
As for the Ordnance Bureau, the Imperial Supervisor is indeed in charge of it, but once the eunuch, the Chief of Ceremonies, speaks, the Imperial Supervisor must also give it full consideration – they help Jinshang earn and spend money, and they are really not qualified to control military affairs.
/To put it bluntly, if you have both money and military power, I’m afraid you won’t be able to sleep well today.
Therefore, Wei Yue was a little unhappy about Ning Zhiyuan’s involvement in the Ordnance Bureau. You said that you are a horse breeder and just keep raising horses honestly. Why are you interfering in military affairs?
Of course, the Royal Horse Prison itself has something to do with military affairs. Military horses are all produced from the Royal Horse Prison, but that’s all.
Although Wei Yue was angry, he couldn’t tell the truth. Ning Zhiyuan was really loved by his superiors, and the main reason why Eunuch Wei was able to secure this position was that he acted fairly and was on good terms with Li Shuai.
Of course, he had a good relationship with Dui Shuai, otherwise he would not be valued by the late emperor – the late emperor was not a fool. He controlled the power in the army through Dui Shuai and ensured his own safety through Li Shuai.
However, he is still used today because Jinshang does not want to make major changes to the inner court. During the transitional period, stability is the way to go.
However, this year Jinshang took charge of the government. Although he was deeply rooted in the inner court, his existence in the inner court was originally dependent on the imperial power.
If Zhen Lun is favored, he will not be as good as Ning Zhiyuan. He is just because of his high prestige in the inner court, so he has to be tolerated today.
He has seen many things about people taking tea away from their homes. It is the so-called emperor and his ministers.
What the people below are reporting now is that Ning Zhiyuan took back the bicycle technology and verbally informed the Ordnance Bureau to come up with production rules.
Wei Yue was very angry, but he couldn’t get angry. Who told Jin Shang to pay attention to martial arts?
Chen Buda of the Military Service Department also sent a message: Ning Zhiyuan detained my people in the inner court. When did the inner court get the Royal Horse Supervisor to interfere in military affairs?
/A mere Chen Buda was nothing. The main opponent of the inner court in military affairs was the chief minister of the cabinet, Ma Kanshuai.
But Chen Buda was Duishuai’s confidant. In terms of power in the army, Duishuai was greater than Kanshuai. Kanshuai had greater influence in the border army, while Duishuai had