the royal family, others don’t need to Kneel down.”

the royal family, others don’t need to Kneel down.”
Gongsun Buqi, Huyan Scholar and others were hesitating. They felt that they were a little unjust.
We have done a lot for the common people of China, so we shouldn’t kneel down – at least, we can’t equate ourselves with the royal family, right?
Hearing the instructions from the Immortal Lord, they suddenly let out a sigh of relief: Yes, the Immortal Lord really has a clear distinction between grudges and grudges.
Li Yongsheng looked at the young emperor, “To be honest, as a Tianjia, you are not very qualified.”
Tianjia hesitated, gritted his teeth and nodded, “I will try my best.”
“This is not a matter of working hard or not,” Li Yongsheng He spoke in a deep voice, “You haven’t found your position yet, and you haven’t regarded yourself as a true heavenly family. As long as you work hard, won’t King Xiang and King Jing turn against each other?”
King Cheng coughed lightly and raised his hand to indicate that he Something to say.
After getting permission from the Immortal Envoy, he asked aloud, “May I ask the Immortal Lord, is it beyond the scope of inspection for the Immortal Envoy from the Upper Realm to intervene in the affairs of plane transportation?”
Li Yongsheng looked at him indifferently and nodded slightly, “Go up. The world does not advocate this, but now, I am standing up for the common people in China, do you understand what I mean?”
Guanfengzhi really focuses on observation and does not have much power to execute, but it is reasonable for him to stand up for the common people in China.
“Understood,” King Cheng nodded heavily, and then asked again, “Do you think the Tian family is unqualified?” ”
Isn’t this nonsense?” Li Yongsheng looked at him angrily, “If he was qualified, how could there be chaos in China? Do you think he is qualified?”
/King Cheng did not answer the question, but continued to ask, “Then who do you think is qualified?”
“I don’t think anyone in the Zhao family is qualified,” Li Yongsheng snorted coldly, “Yes Which prince cares about Concubine Li?”
Upon hearing this, the King of England, who was kneeling on the ground, puffed up his chest slightly and said in his heart, I care about Concubine Li.
The young Tianjia slowly turned his head and looked at King Cheng, with uncontrollable anger in his eyes, “Wang Cheng, who are you?”
Chapter 1073: Growth can be expected
in the face of Tianjia’s anger, King Cheng answered casually, “I just want to ask what Xianjun’s opinion is.” ”
I have no intention of dictating your Zhao family’s empire.” Li Yongsheng waved his hand, thinking that King Cheng was not a fuel-efficient lamp either. “Let’s put it this way, all the rebel kings should give me a break, otherwise who would have any objection to the common attack?”
“No objection,” everyone replied in unison, even King Cheng and the Tian family spoke up.
“As for King Xiang and King Jing, please commit suicide and apologize,” Li Yongsheng said calmly, “Prince Jing’s Mansion and Prince Xiang’s Mansion dispersed thei