to find a good place to live your whole life?”

to find a good place to live your whole life?”
“A good place?” Mother Wu was startled for a moment, then shook her head, “It’s nice here. I’m used to living here, and I don’t want to leave.” “I’m gone.”
Li Yongsheng looked at her in astonishment, “When you get old and can’t do any more work, how will you survive?”
“It’s easy, I’ll find someone to serve me,” Wu’s mother replied with a smile, obviously she had already I have considered this question, “If he can send me away safely, this house will be given to him.”
Is it the Chinese version of using a house to support one’s retirement? Li Yongsheng was startled at first, then nodded with a smile, “Yes, but don’t the Wu family have other children?” The
Kingdom of China attaches great importance to family. The family property of the family, even if it is not the family property, if a certain branch of the family dies, there will be The right to take back priority – it is impossible to benefit outsiders, let alone the government.
“My father left home without a clean life.” Mother Wu shook her head and looked at him again, “My little house is worth seventy or eighty silver dollars. Do you want it?” “I’m
not short of this little money. “Li Yongsheng shook his head hastily, thinking that I asked this question really badly.
Indeed, Wu’s mother also felt a little weird in her heart. Normally, her impression of Li Yongsheng was not bad, and she didn’t even know why. She was very willing to get close to this person, but when it came to real estate, she couldn’t help but be wary.
Her father originally bought four houses, but before the payment was fully paid, she was the only one left in the family. She had struggled for many years for this house, and the government finally made the decision more than ten years ago: Two rooms belong to her, and two rooms belong to the descendants of the original owner.
Now she lives in one house and another house is rented out. Her father’s tribe has always wanted to take the house back.
It is precisely because of this that she has not even started a family. Once she gets married and her surname is no longer Wu, the family will take back the house.
/She also thought about recruiting someone to marry her, but it didn’t work out in the end, so she wasted her time until now.
Anyway, she didn’t want the clan to take back the house, otherwise her life would be a failure.
Putting aside the life that was wasted and the grudges against her father, she just said that when she was fighting for the real estate, no one in the clan helped her. The lawsuit had been going on for decades and she had been the one to support it. Now she wanted to take over the ready-made property. Where can there be so many good things in the world?
/Chapter 151 Little Plum
Mother Wu originally had a good impression of Li Yongsheng, but when it came to the house, she couldn’t help but become wary.
This person appeared a bit suddenly, and he was talking about something she couldn’t remember. There might be some conspiracy behind it.
Li Yongsheng a