this what you mean?” “What’s the point?

this what you mean?” “What’s the point?
” The priest said loudly, “Capture the thief. “Capture the king first, is it difficult to understand?”
/It is difficult for me to understand, indeed it is difficult to understand your arrogance! The man gave a wry smile and said, “What do you think? We are all willing to support it. I just want to remind a few real people that 60,000 people is really a lot.” “So what
if it’s more? I’m not going to fight,” Li Yongsheng said calmly, ” We are tracking down the evil cult, and if they are willing to cooperate, then everything will be fine. Fighting is a matter for the imperial court.”
He said it confidently, and others felt that it made sense.
“That’s necessary,” Li Yongsheng replied matter-of-factly. “We are not the imperial army. We attack towns and villages one by one. It is very difficult to explain. Anyway, the biggest ones in Tonghe are this new military camp and the old military camp next to it. Go directly to them. Isn’t it over?”
In King Zheng’s army, there is no saying of “being brave and not afraid of death”, only the concept of “preserving strength”.
However, the person from Tonghe still asked, “What if they don’t understand and are unwilling to cooperate? How about we capture the county seat first?”
He knew in his heart that when the people from Lei Gu conquered Yongle and Xiaoyang, they captured the county seat first. There are more than 100,000 people in Tonghe County. If they take the county seat first, they can increase their chances of winning.
“Unwilling to cooperate?” A disdainful smile appeared at the corner of Li Yongsheng’s mouth, “I believe they can see the situation clearly.”
Several people from Tonghe looked at each other and secretly sighed in their hearts: It’s really impressive.
Little did they know that Commander Guanfeng had lost his patience. Since he came to deal with King Zheng’s rebellion, his tone was higher than the previous times.
This was not only due to the fact that he had dealt with too many similar things, but also related to the way King Zheng raised his army. Since he had rebelled, he did not dare to say it openly. At the same time, he wanted fish and meat and trampled on the local people. He took advantage of him without taking responsibility. He couldn’t bear it.
Now that everyone had made up their mind, they went straight to the rocky beach without saying much.
The rocky beach is located in the south of Tonghe County. It was originally a tributary of the Tonghe River. However, it is a seasonal river and most of the time there is no water. There are large and small stones everywhere, and there are hills on both sides. The new military camp and the old military camp are stationed there.
On the way to the rocky beach, there were people from Tonghe who came to vote, including young and old, young and old, and women. However, they all seemed to be able to fight, especially since they took a detour to Tonghe County. It actually reached over ten thousand.
By the time they were more than ten miles away from the roc