If he wasn’t there for the child support subsidy, why would he rush to Jingjiang Prefecture to register?

In any case, he was still grateful to the Correctional Fang and Sitong Mining – China’s requirements for identity were too strict.
Of course, even so, he still has to ask, how do you plan to develop this system after you get it back?
The people from Sitong Mining were very frank and said that we also want to set up a radio station, learn from the Seven Fantasy City, and create similar programs, and at the same time sell your radios.
The key is that we can broadcast on the radio whether some businesses are honest or not – maybe we can charge an appropriate fee.
/I actually came up with advertising! Li Yongsheng was a little speechless. If he didn’t talk about businessmen and officials, he thought that the point of the problem was different. He wanted to ask maliciously – do you plan to insert advertisements during storytelling, or insert storytelling during advertisements?
Of course, in the end he didn’t ask that, he just smiled and said, “Your Excellency is not complete enough. If what I expected is correct, will this be of great help to your company’s pricing in mining?”
took up most of it. It is not difficult to guess what will happen if the industry giants in the market have a propaganda weapon.
When the people from Sitong Mining heard this, they were slightly startled at first, and then they laughed and gave a thumbs up, “You are indeed a genius who came out of Jingjiang. If you are willing to return to your hometown after completing your studies, our firm is willing to hire you with a lot of money. ”
This business has a good reputation in the local area, and the people who come here are single. However, Li Yongsheng will certainly not agree to such an appointment. He just smiled and said that the current manufacturing volume cannot keep up. When the production increases, I will definitely consider my hometown.
People at Sitong Mining also know that this is not an excuse. They know very well how popular radio is in Qihuan, so they say, when you plan your layout in Jingjiang, you must give us priority. If you are interested, It’s okay if we let you join.
/Inviting to become a shareholder shows great sincerity, but it is normal for Sitong Mining to do this. After all, it comes from the lower city. Its influence in Qihuan City is average, and it can only rely on nostalgia and heavy profits to impress people.
However, Li Yongsheng fell into this trap. He fondly remembered the wandering life of his childhood, and then sighed with emotion that he had been reborn in Jingjiang Mansion.
In the end, he said, if I were asked to choose, I would only choose the Correctional Facility and Sitong Mining. There is no doubt about it.
——If he is not allowed to choose, he will naturally be powerless.
Qin Tianzhu arrived on the way and listened to most of the conversation. After the people from Jingjiang Mansion left, he couldn’t help but sigh, “People from my hometown are easier to talk to.”
Li Yon