It is inconvenient to mention the specific reasons, but it can only be said that before Lu Bei appeared, the previous junior brother was not liked by the master and was often assigned to do some dirty work.
Going a step further, there are rumors that the relationship between Lu Bei and Bai Jin is unclear. Another disciple of Bai Jin who did not want to be named confirmed that he saw the two of them spending time together. In order to have a tryst with Lu Bei, Bai Jin secretly went down the mountain many times. Only when the incident was exposed was he banned by the master.
Due to the existence of Baguayuan, Lingxiao Sword Sect never lacks gossips. It is difficult to tell the truth from falsehoods. Just take a picture and enjoy it, don’t take it seriously.
But this gossip was different. A certain Bai Jin disciple who did not want to be named was very convincing and was present at the scene. He was definitely not making it up.
After Lu Bei went up the mountain, he moved directly into Forget-Not-Forget Peak, which confirmed the authenticity of this gossip.
Rumor has it, it’s official!
/For a time, Beijun Mountain was filled with mourners.
Dressed in white, she is graceful and graceful. She can be described as a peerless beauty. Bai Jin has a sincere heart when it comes to swordsmanship, and she is also highly skilled in martial arts. She is the Bai Yueguang in the hearts of three generations of disciples, and the fourth generation of disciples respect her as the Fairy on the Moon.
The fairies who came and went fell into the mortal world so suddenly that they even thought about the names of their children. It was really hard to accept.
It would be great for such a perfect woman to be single all the time, why should she not think about it?
Can’t figure it out.
Therefore, Lu Bei, who had embraced the beauty, became the target of public criticism, and all the disciples sided with the leader.
Of course, there is not no chance of improvement. As long as Bai Jin returns from his lost path and returns to the sky, everyone will let go of the past and be happy to accept Lu Bei.
The three heads of the academy and the head master were all present, and the school grounds fell into silence. Soon, the disciples of the Jiejian Academy who were wielding swords in the sky returned and informed that no trace of Lu Bei had been found.
“It’s by the river, have you looked for it?”
Lin Buyan was surprised. According to the script, Lu Bei should appear at this time.
Just as he was asking, Liang Busi, the leader of the Sutra Library, suddenly let out a strange cry. Under the gaze of everyone, he took out his personal jade pendant and his expression suddenly changed.
“No, something happened to the Sutra Library. A thief broke into the library and destroyed the forbidden formation!” Liang Busi turned pale with fright. He stood up and flew towards the Sutra Library.
Lin Buyan’s expression suddenly changed and he hurriedly flew to follow.
The treasure house of the Book Pavilion is related to the inheritance of the mountain ga