on the first day, and so on the second day.

on the first day, and so on the second day.
In fact, what he thought was correct. The next day, someone else approached him from a distance.
——If you dare to wander around without someone from the Qin family in Beiguan, you really don’t know how the word “death” is written.
/But after turning around, these people suddenly realized: the target was missing!
At this time, Li Yongsheng had arrived near Shiweitian Trading Company and hid quietly behind a big tree. When he saw someone coming out of it, he followed him for a while and stepped forward to knock the person unconscious.
He knocked out more than a dozen people, then turned around and came back, knocking out several people who had followed him.
Chapter 62: Who is more innocent
? Li Yongsheng’s fishing strategy was implemented for two days, but it could not be implemented on the third day.
He just arrived at the arresting room to harass him, and the arresting room issued a document: Sign it, and you can’t leave today.
Why can’t I leave? Li Yongsheng decisively refused, I will not sign!
Everyone else said that he was so arrogant because of Beiguan Qin’s support, but Li Yongsheng thought, I haven’t done anything, why don’t you let me go?
The public case on the tax house has been revealed, who doesn’t want me to leave and give it a try?
It is essential that the person who captured the house explain to him: Some people have been attacked recently, and we suspect that it is related to you.
Li Yongsheng sneered. I also suspect that the trebuchet is related to Shi Weitian. Did you keep the person named Zhu?
Don’t talk so much nonsense. The people who captured the house are really anxious this time. If they don’t let you go, you are not allowed to leave. Do you think this is Boben?
Go to hell! Li Yongsheng pulled out a sharp knife and rushed out of the arresting room – I will kill anyone who dares to touch him!
There were a lot of people in the arresting house, so he wouldn’t be able to succeed easily, but the interesting thing is: no one really stopped him, so he just rushed out like this.
/After rushing out, Li Yongsheng stopped wandering around and ran towards Bo Ben Court, obviously trying to hide back.
If the arresting room wanted to arrange an arrest at this time, they would definitely have stopped the person, but there were too many smells in this matter, and no one was willing to cause trouble.
Li Yongsheng ran very fast. It took him a little more than half an hour to reach Boben’s gate. He squatted on the ground and gasped for air. Then he shouted at the guard, “The arrester wants to arrest me. Who can tell me?” Say something to Mr. Kong?”
Boben’s doorman is not even as good as the security guard. He is the old man guarding the door. When he heard someone calling him Jiaoyu, his sense of honor immediately exploded and he summoned the security guard without saying a word.
Kong Shujie was receiving guests. When she heard that Li Yongsheng was in critical condition at the gate of the monastery, she stood up and ran out.