r reserves of Dongshen Temple.

This thing is extremely precious.
The last time he was seriously injured, he only used a golden elixir of creation.
And Zhang Jian opened his mouth with two pills, plus two more Origin-Returning Golden Pills.
This is simply a lion’s mouth.
After thinking about it, he said.
“Scholar Zhang, can Pindao be allowed to go back and discuss this matter with some elders?”
“As it should be!”
Zhang Jian nodded slightly.
Tianquan Pass, this is an ancient pass and the first pass from Zhongjinzhou to Haojing City.
The Tianquan Canyon not far from here has always been one of the ancient battlefields.
At the end of every dynasty, this long and narrow valley would become a meat grinder.
At this time, in the attic in Tianquan Pass, figures surrounded by black energy and demonic energy were sitting quietly, also obeying the orders of a magnificent black shadow at the head.
That was the Baixiang ancestor of the Evil Demon Sect.
An old weirdo who is famous in the magic world. It is said that he became enlightened two thousand years ago. He is extremely powerful and possesses great demonic power.
Even if the demon sect’s famous ancestors met him, many of them would call themselves juniors.
Under his control were the ancestors of Xuandu, the Lord of Fire Spirit, the Nine Sons of Ghost Mother, and the Master of Niexiang. When they all gathered together, the demonic energy shot straight into the sky, covering up the beautiful sun above Tianquan Pass.
Just listen to the hoarse voice of Patriarch Baixiang, who is at the top of the throne, resounding throughout the hall.
/“Everyone, we have a golden opportunity before us. Many of Daqian’s real souls have been transferred away from the center. We only need to spend some effort to swallow these little bastards of Dongshen Temple. Daqian Chaotang has control over the place. It will disintegrate, and the collapse of Daqian is just around the corner!”
“And the hatred we have been waiting for will finally be rewarded!”
In the main hall, many demons smiled wantonly after hearing this.
But he saw the Nine Sons Ghost Mother, who was dressed in black and looked like a charming and beautiful woman, speaking softly.
“I don’t care whether I am Qiu Qiu or not. I only want the fighting spirits from these ancient battlefields. These fierce fighting spirits are the most suitable for refining the Blood Soul Banner!”
Next to her was the Lord Fire Spirit. He had red hair and a red face. His eyes seemed to be filled with flames. He laughed and said:
“Fellow Taoist Ghost Mother, no matter what our purpose is, the Dongshen Temple is our enemy. Since those Taoist brothers from the Dongshen Temple are not here, of course we have revenge and grievances. As for the The good news is that everyone uses their own methods!”
At this moment, he was holding the two beauties with numb faces in his arms, ignoring the coveted looks of all the demons, and moved his hands up and down.
/Master Nixiang sat under Master Baixiang, and he frowned slightly. These Zuodao