hip with me, so he doesn’t want to be This kid has tricked someone.”

hip with me, so he doesn’t want to be This kid has tricked someone.”
Master Ding understood clearly and glanced sideways at him. “The matter has passed. He will never be qualified to be your opponent.”
“Master Ding was so complimentary that he didn’t deserve it. “Li Yongsheng cupped his hand again, “I don’t mean anything else, I just want to express my feelings. I am very disgusted with those acts of robbery.” ”
If you feel that there are not enough cultivation resources, Ivan Kingdom and Crescent Moon Country have It’s a cultivation resource, just grab it, stay at home behind closed doors, and bully your own people. To be honest, I despise such people.”
/This kid has a bit of a grassroots personality! Ding Qingyao made a judgment. In fact, she also agreed with his statement, but she understood better that with the two times Ding Zhaohui went to grab resources in the outside world, it would be difficult to come back alive.
“I looked down on him too, but his surname was Ding after all. I also drove the Ding family out of Sanxiang and Baiyue counties,” she said calmly, “You said you exposed this matter and I came to find you this time. The most important thing is that I am refining weapons now, and I need Ten Thousand Years of Nether Water.”
“Refining weapons?” Li Yongsheng frowned, Xuannv Palace mainly cultivates water and fire, what kind of weapon is this?
“Wanzai Youshui was originally used to refine weapons!” Ding Qingyao stared at him and looked at him angrily, “You actually used it to hurt people. Do you know what a waste it is?” The waste
is mine too. What’s the matter? Li Yongsheng looked at her speechlessly. My own materials, why are you so excited?
Chapter 457: Asking for something
Ding Qingyao’s views represent the mainstream consciousness of the Xuanqing plane. Yes, this is a relatively barren and backward plane.
If you think about Zhang Muzi, you will know that the frequency of her storage bags is significantly lower than that of Li Yongsheng – she has to consider the service life.
There is no way, the material is not rich enough, and there is no superb theoretical level and technological level. This is the result.
Li Yongsheng frowned and said, “Wanzai Youshui Refining Artifact, you won’t need much, right?” ”
There is it in the palace, but there is not much in stock,” Ding Jingzhu said calmly, “It will only be used when survival is involved. It’s impossible to give it to me.”
Although she is one of the five masters, her weight is not worth mentioning compared to the entire Xuannv Palace’s orthodoxy. Top forces are like this, and they will inevitably leave enough trump cards. In order to continue the tradition.
If Ding Qingyao is the true king, he might still be able to fight for it, so don’t think about becoming a cultivator.
Li Yongsheng frowned, “My impression is that the Arctic Palace does not lack this, right?” ”
Since the defeat of the Ivan Kingdom, they have strictly prohibited the supply of the Wan Zai Nether Water of the Middle Kingdom,” Ding Qingyao said coldl