and earth to maximize her power, and some weak monsters were directly shocked to death.

Chi Ying waved his hand. The monsters gave way one after another and opened up a huge space. Only Chi Ying was still there. The huge monster carrying the chariot was breathing heavily, not afraid of the anti-magic formation.
This is the top monster from the abyss – the guillotine. Its body is like steel. It is not afraid of any attack from the evil energy. It has a violent personality and possesses terrifying power. The demons would take a detour when they saw them, which were equivalent to the sacred beasts of Xiaoqian Realm, but Chi Ying subdued two of them, making other demon kings envious.
During the battle with the demons, the Fu cultivators were also adjusting their spells to favor dealing with the demons, and Hu Jing was undoubtedly the fastest to change.
Once the anti-demon formation comes out, the demonic energy is suppressed and will not erode the mind during the battle. But butchering bones is really powerful. The whip follows him like a shadow, and his speed is quite fierce. The mixed ice and fire talisman has little effect on him.
In the territory of monsters here, a large amount of demonic energy can generate the power of the demons. On the contrary, the power of heaven and earth that Hu Jing can borrow is also suppressed by the demonic energy.
/Hu Jing’s attacks are all focused on resistance. A long battle is not good for her. She only has one chance.
Hu Jing’s statue of the Dawn Goddess is accumulating power, and Tu Gu is attacking furiously all the way. However, the most difficult thing among human monks is the talisman cultivator. The obstacles and resistance from all directions make Tu Gu have infinite power but cannot kill with one blow.
But Hu Jing must also pay attention to Tu Xin who is standing by. This guy may take action at any time. In fact, Tu Xin’s power is already full and he is only waiting for Chi Ying’s order.
Chi Ying watched the battle in the air quietly, “Sister, why are you resisting so fearlessly? Even if your holy statue is full of power, can it kill us? If the demons are so fragile, why should we come out? ”
Chi Ying wanted to influence Hu Jing’s determination, but Hu Jing was not affected. Even if he was seen through, whether he could block the power of the icon would depend on the ability of the demon.
“Sister, I, Chi Yingke, swear to the devil that if you want you to surrender to me, I will treat you like my own sister.”
Hu Jing snorted coldly, “Isn’t Chi Qing the one you want to kill the most?”
Chi Ying’s pupils shrank, “Sister, I really let down my sincerity, so let’s just take action.”
Tu Xin, who was on the side, had been prepared for a long time. Suddenly, with a loud roar that shook the world, a black cloud appeared in front of Hu Jing, and he grabbed it with huge black claws.
At this moment, a talisman suddenly exploded in Hu Jing’s hand, and Hu Jing’s figure disappeared out of thin air.
In a flash of lightning, Hu Jing appeared again, but in front of Chi Ying.