ator suddenly escaped from the battlefield at the same time. At this time, the Demon Cultivator blew the horn to stop the attack.

The holy cultivator disciples who followed Xue Yue City watched the army of demon cultivators begin to retreat, and disappeared completely in just over ten minutes.
Yang Jian and others were all ready for a fight to the death, and all their magical weapons were sacrificed, but their opponents retreated first.
/Obviously it was impossible. Even if they tried their best, they would probably kill at most three to four sect leaders, but the result was that they would all be wiped out.
/If such an opportunity is missed, Demon Blade City will not be able to form such an offensive in a short period of time. Even the holy cultivators find it baffling to give up halfway.
Wang Meng and Xiao Huo Miao waited for the army of demon cultivators to retreat before emerging from the woods. All that was left on the ground were corpses and charred blackness, and a strong demonic aura still remained on the battlefield.
In full view of everyone, Wang Meng walked to the foot of Xueyue City.
Looking at the three big characters on the city wall that were broken but still clear, Wang Meng and Xiao Huo Miao couldn’t help but grin. They were lucky.
“Disciple Wang Meng, comes from the Holy Church of the Small Thousand Realms in Four Directions. Didn’t you know that this city is where the Holy Church resides?”
The eight sect leaders looked at each other in confusion. Not to mention Fan Ru, Xue Zhongnan also met Wang Meng for the first time. Isn’t this guy in the Cultivation Academy? Why did you get here?
Wang Meng felt his body being attracted by a force, and he flew towards the city. At this time, the city defense formation was still open. Xue Zhongnan and others did not know what kind of medicine was sold in the magic repair gourd, and they did not dare to take it lightly. .
Looking at Wang Meng, Xue Zhongnan smiled and said, “Wang Meng, why are you here.”
Looking at the temple symbol on Xue Zhongnan’s body, as well as the familiar smile and the domineering aura that only a generation of sect masters could possess, Wang Meng quickly saluted, “Disciple Wang Meng pays homage to the sect master!”
“No need.” Xue Zhongnan held his hand, and Wang Meng couldn’t bow anymore. “Why are you here?”
“The disciple is practicing in the Small Thousand World of Fire God, but the teleportation array was destroyed. He had no choice but to find a broken teleportation array, and was teleported to the vicinity of Demon Blade City.”
Wang Meng said honestly, “Ya Ya, you are being stared at by a group of Dzogchen masters. Even if Wang Zhenren is not afraid of heaven and earth, he has no momentum at all. The people around him are all ancestors. They are really the ancestors walking around. Elders are not as good as dogs, they have to work hard to become good.
The eight sect leaders looked at each other in confusion,…the Fire God’s Small Thousand Realm is a very dangerous place and is not suitable for cultivation