will know her character.

But everyone is always curious about her relationship with Wang Meng.
But time has changed, and Wang Meng is no longer the young monk who just arrived.
The leader of a sect, a two-star member of the Star Alliance, and the Holy Body of the Dragon King. These names were enough to shock the Starlight Academy into a daze.
Although Wang Meng has completely withdrawn from the camp, as the sect leader, it is obviously inappropriate to stay here, and many times, even if the small church faces difficulties, he cannot take action head-on.
/Because he is the leader of the sect, his status is different. He has to intervene in minor matters below, and his opponents will not tolerate it. Besides, in terms of development, he really has to face it himself.
In the past, He Zui would have been worried that his hair would turn gray, but now Senior Brother He is not worried at all. The four holy statues headed by Hu Jing have descended on the small church. Damn it, any opponent is just a cloud.
It is indeed a bit exciting. In addition to the holy statue, there is also a life weapon, but most people don’t know it yet.
The Heavenly King Ji Rushan also came. Of course, he was embarrassed to call him the Heavenly King here. Ji Rushan came from Tianhong Sect. If he thought Wang Meng was on the same level as him before, in the blink of an eye, Wang Meng was really not on the same “level” with him.
But there are still a lot of people curious about Wang Meng’s current level.
Four hundred and sixty-two life weapons are also crazy.
The scene was quite lively, and they were all internal members of the Little Saint Church and some of He Zui’s friends. They may not be reliable at critical moments, but the development of the Little Saint Church also requires a deeper understanding of other sects. This is also the development of the Holy Church. He Zui is quite experienced in this aspect. After all, he has been in the Cultivation Academy for a long time.
Wang Meng naturally accompanied Ling Fei and Ji Rushan. Although they were chatting, Ji Rushan had been testing Wang Meng.
“Wang Meng, there are different opinions about your strength in the outside world. Some people say that you already have the strength of Dzogchen, while others say that you are just relying on the strength of the Dragon Balls. Even your holy statue is stained by the Dragon Balls.”
Ji Rushan said.
Ling Fei smiled slightly, “Wang Meng had the icon first and then the dragon ball, but you hid it deeply enough. I thought you gained nothing after entering Little Perfection.”
Wang Meng shrugged indifferently, “It’s up to you. You can say whatever you want to them.”
Ling Fei knew that Ji Rushan was very curious. No matter how strong a person with a life weapon was, they seemed to have less dignity than the holy statue. This was also the frustration of Ji Rushan and others, but the strength was not necessarily much different.
Zuixian Tower was very lively, but Wang Meng did not participate in it. Once he entered, he would definitely steal the limel