Even if you are messing around, you should at least feel good about it.

The originally peaceful sea of ????ming suddenly appeared with a colorful bright spot, followed by a colorful ray of light.
Although it was very weak, Wang Meng still felt it clearly.
/This is a sign that the weapon soul appears!
Rub·Is this okay?
Wang Meng couldn’t help but clenched his fists. It turns out that cultivation is about being held back and forced to retreat, so you have to be ruthless to be strong enough!
Wang Meng stopped messing around when signs of a life soul appeared. The Five Elements body cannot cultivate a single weapon soul. To balance the five elements, a Five Elements weapon soul must be cultivated.
With the sign of the appearance of the weapon soul, Wang Meng was in a good mood, and he worked harder on his cultivation, humming a little tune and enjoying himself.
“This waste is the first to be removed, Five Elements Body. It is a complete waste to waste resources on this kind of garbage!”
/Zheng Dashi said indifferently. Being shamed by No. 3, Zheng Dashi’s pride was trampled to the ground. How could he not be angry.
He can’t do anything to No. 3. After all, he has the potential of a saint. Not to mention his physical fitness, he also has the support of the sect behind him, but the others are different.
“Guardian Zheng, what you said makes sense. We will give him one last month.”
“One month, you are so generous. When all the resources of the Jidao Alliance come from the sea tide, let him get out immediately. This is too cheap for him and wastes so many of our resources. He should be sent to Killing Space to perform tasks !”
Zheng Dashi snorted coldly.
“Guardian Zheng, people cannot stand without trust. Just now you said you would give them a period of time. It would be bad to treat you now. I will wait and see for a while and then make a unified decision.”
The Great Elder said that Zheng Dashi was born in a sect and was also a representative of that sect. It was inevitable that he would become domineering.
The Jidao Alliance is currently short of manpower. Some of the major sects are actually trying to work on two boats. This is also the current situation and there is no way around it.
Wang Meng is naturally a life-threatening practitioner. In fact, Ma Tianer left the elixir for him, which moved Wang Meng and stimulated him. It made the woman worry that it was not Wang Meng’s style. When Zhang Xiaopang found out, Zhang Xiaopang still laughed to death.
He also knows that there is no free lunch in the world, and everything he enjoys now has to pay a price. There is still a sword rain waiting for him in the Cultivation Academy, and a fierce battle is inevitable.
After meeting these people from the Jidao Alliance, Wang Meng clearly realized the strength of Hua Jianyu. The opponent at least had a life weapon, and it was useless to risk his life.
Strength is the last word.
His biggest barrier was the Five Elements Body and the Godhead, but now the Five Elements Body was unreliable and was instead an obstac