nd they became strangers and completely fell out.

Later, when the Yao family came to power, they suppressed the Yao family in various ways. The Five Elements attributes were dominant, and the Yao family was suppressed to the point where they could not lift their heads.
If the Demon King Picture hadn’t been lost, the Yu clan would have been exiled.
The issue of historical omissions involves too many grievances. Hu Er left the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons and spent nearly a hundred years on the small map, but his identity as an outsider became clear.
She did not intend to kill them all, but the death penalty could be avoided, but the living penalty could not be escaped. She looked at Lu Bei intently and smiled slightly: “My son has a big fight, do you want to have a good meal?”
It’s not bad, I’ve been inediate for a long time.
Lu Bei didn’t know why, nodded and said: “I’m hungry, I just want to eat as much as I can.”
Hu Er smiled slightly, looked at Yu Yu and said: “The Yu family has committed a serious crime. I have demoted them to a subordinate tribe for my mother. You can take them back and enjoy them slowly. If there are any who contradict or run away in fear of crime, they can be killed on the spot.” .”
Yan Yu’s expression changed and she lowered her head, her eyes full of hatred.
More, it is helplessness.
With Lu Bei’s boxing style, there would be no chance for the Yuan clan to stand up if he were alone.
A string of question marks floated across Lu Bei’s forehead. He realized what he was doing and nodded happily. How much would it cost to get one-fifth of the nine-tailed fox clan’s wealth? This money would be worth the money.
At this moment, Lu Bei received a message from Hu Er.
“My mother knows your methods, so deal with them well. As long as they can’t be punished to death, you will deal with them to death.”
“Save it.”
“Especially Yan Yu. She has not dealt with Wei Niang since she was a child. Please humiliate her well.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll hit you three times a day.”
/“If you are really hungry, Yanyu’s five elements belong to water, so it will be juicy, sweet and delicious.”
You’d better say serious juice.
Lu Bei felt that Hu Er had misunderstood him. His lustfulness had always been his mask to hide his shortcomings from others. Anyone who knew anything would understand that not being close to women was the goal he strived for in life.
As for those women who have advanced in practice,
/If you don’t enter the world of mortals, how can you escape from it? He trains himself again and again in order to better achieve his goals in life.
Also, Lu Bei thinks that Hu Er has a trick in his head. Will all the women who don’t deal with her become daughters-in-law?
Tell this truth to the Taifu, and the Taifu will laugh to death.
Hu Er laughed at Taifu’s degeneration, and Taifu secretly enjoyed it. There were some sweet things that Hu Er would never taste in his life.
The revolution in the Nine-Tails King’s City has come to an end. The Yao clan has returned to the King’s City and regained the lost